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The Holy Eucharist: Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity


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Are you ready for an unforgettable journey into the profound mystery of the Holy Eucharist?

Join us in the final months of the National Eucharistic Revival for an exclusive 40-minute documentary featuring Fr. Matthew Kauth.

We spoke with priests, religious, and laypeople from all walks of life—an abbot, a monk, a military chaplain, a missionary, professors, students, and working people. They spoke to us about the healing power of this Sacrament, the incredible graces of Adoration, the struggles we encounter before the Holy Eucharist, and how the Eucharist has profoundly, radically shaped their lives.

And most of all, we talked about the divine identity of the Eucharist—the absolute truth of Christ’s Real Presence in this Most Blessed Sacrament and His resounding call to us to believe.