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Welcome to Thy Will Be Done. We pray that this series is a source of grace for you!

We recommend that you read the content slowly and journal throughout the series to record and retain what you’re learning. Write down your thoughts, questions, and any insight you may receive from the Holy Spirit.

If you don’t already have a journal, you may be interested in purchasing the journal we have designed specifically for this series.

Every Good Catholic series is like embarking on a journey of learning, with each day’s article building on the day before. After studying and praying with the material over the course of 40 days, our hope is that you will find yourself renewed and strengthened in your Catholic faith.

We encourage you to move through the series one day at a time, without skipping ahead or attempting multiple days at once. However, if you move at a slower pace, don’t worry! You will greatly benefit from the series, even if you can only read each article as your schedule permits.

Remember, you have a full year to repeat Thy Will Be Done as many times as you wish.

What’s Included

Thy Will Be Done is designed to give you the knowledge and encouragement you need to live with greater trust and abandonment in God’s will for your life.

This series includes weekly articles and videos on the fascinating subject of “trustful surrender” and “self-abandonment” to God’s will as found in the writings of great spiritual masters such as St. Francis de Sales, St. Alphonsus Liguori, St. Claude de la Colombiere, Fr. Jean Baptiste Saint-Jure, and Fr. Jean-Pierre De Caussade.

The video commentary by Fr. David Miller complements the written content with penetrating insights, practical examples, and personal stories.

Each week’s topic then concludes with a summary review of the major points covered, as well as a thoughtful reflection to help you absorb and apply the material to your own life.  

After you read the article and watch the video each day, you can continue with a scriptural audio rosary that includes thoughtful meditations on each Rosary Mystery. A daily novena prayer concludes the daily content to ensure that this series will bear much spiritual fruit in your life.

Make Your Experience Richer

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An Introduction to Your Hosts

Get to know Fr. Miller—watch the video below!

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Your Journey At A Glance

Part I: Understanding God’s Will

  • Day 1: The Sovereignty of God’s Will
  • Day 2: God’s Will Always Works for Our Good
  • Day 3: God Wills Our Holiness Above All
  • Day 4: The Week in Review: Understanding God’s Will
  • Day 5: Weekly Meditation: Understanding God’s Will

Part II: Understanding Surrender

  • Day 6: Abandonment to the Divine Will
  • Day 7: Living in the Present Moment
  • Day 8: Find Peace & Happiness Through Surrender
  • Day 9: Answering the Problem of Sin & Evil
  • Day 10: Abandonment is Walking by Faith
  • Day 11: The Week in Review: Understanding Surrender
  • Day 12: Weekly Meditation: Understanding Surrender

Part III: Practicing Surrender

  • Day 13: Learning Holy Detachment
  • Day 14: Abandonment in Sufferings We Can’t Control
  • Day 15: Abandonment in Sufferings We Can Control
  • Day 16: Handling Emotions & Achieving Interior Freedom
  • Day 17: Finding Forgiveness & Healing Through Abandonment
  • Day 18: The Week in Review: Practicing Surrender
  • Day 19: Weekly Meditation: Practicing Surrender

Part IV: Aids to Surrender

  • Day 20: Patience & Contentment
  • Day 21: Trust & Confidence in God
  • Day 22: A Brave & Ready Heart
  • Day 23: Prayer & Mortification
  • Day 24: The Example of the Biblical Saints
  • Day 25: The Week in Review: Aids to Surrender
  • Day 26: Weekly Meditation: Aids to Surrender

Part V: Benefits of Surrender

  • Day 27: Lessons in Faith, Hope, and Love
  • Day 28: Doing Penance & Gaining Merit
  • Day 29: Spiritual Fruit of Abandonment
  • Day 30: Seeing God’s Mercy in Everything
  • Day 31: Avoiding Obstacles to Abandonment
  • Day 32: The Week in Review: Benefits of Surrender
  • Day 33: Weekly Meditation: Benefits of Surrender
  • Part VI: Life of Surrender
  • Day 34: How to Carry Your Cross Well
  • Day 35: Three Levels of Conformity to God’s Will
  • Day 36: Trustful Surrender in the Life of Jesus
  • Day 37: Trustful Surrender in the Life of Mary
  • Day 38: How to Make an Act of Abandonment
  • Day 39: The Week in Review: Life of Surrender
  • Day 40: Weekly Meditation: Life of Surrender

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