Meet Danielle Bean!

Meet Danielle Bean!

I recently sat down with our new Vice President of Digital Content to discuss her faith journey, her experience in digital media, and Good Catholic’s very first live event!

When asked about her faith journey, Danielle Bean responded simply and resoundingly:

“I am moved by the practicality and everydayness of my Faith.”

It is this love and reverence for the practical and everyday nature of the Catholic faith that made Danielle Bean a perfect addition to the Good Catholic team. It is this shared belief—that the practical and profound coexist beautifully in Catholicism—that creates such a strong common mission among Good Catholic, Danielle, and our Good Catholic readers and listeners. This is why we’re so excited to introduce Danielle Bean, Good Catholic’s new VP of Digital Content!

Good Catholic’s new VP of Digital Content, Danielle Bean

It is not merely Danielle’s extensive experience in the Catholic marketplace (over 30 years of experience!) that makes her a great addition to this team, but also her contagious joy, unwavering commitment to truth, and her ability to relate the Catholic faith to every aspect of her life.

A lifelong resident of New Hampshire, Danielle was blessed to be raised in a faithful Catholic family with eight siblings. When she and her husband, Dan, were married almost 29 years ago, they wanted to give their children the same kind of upbringing. Together, Dan and Danielle have eight children—some married, others in college, and two teen boys still at home.

Danielle has always had a heart for women, especially those who struggle to know just how much God loves them. Through her ministry of writing, speaking, and podcasting, she connects with women from all walks of life and seeks to help them recognize their worth in the eyes of God and find more joy in daily living.

When I sat down with Danielle to talk to her about her new role with Good Catholic, I was immediately moved by her humble, down-to-earth approach. It is this humility and practicality that allows Danielle to communicate the profound and transcendent realities of Catholicism in an approachable and joyful manner. We are so excited to have Danielle on our team and can’t wait to bring this same joy to our Good Catholic community through our upcoming projects. Read on to learn more about Danielle and all the exciting things we have in the works!

How would you describe both yourself and your walk with Christ?

“I am a cradle Catholic who was blessed to be raised in a large, faith-filled family. That is a privilege and I know it. I always try to be mindful of the fact that much is asked of those to whom much is given. I have been given a lot!”

Danielle emphasized that her walk with Christ can look different in different seasons. Sometimes it’s filled with leadership and signal graces, and “some days I am just showing up.” 

What is it about your Catholic faith that most inspires you?

When asked this question, Danielle didn’t have to think for long. She responded almost immediately that she loved the Church because:

“It’s for all people…for all seasons.” 

She continued:

“I love that the Catholic Church is for everyone. I love that it speaks eternal truth to us and is with us in good times and in bad. The Church is unafraid of doubts or questions. Bring it!”

While Danielle was talking about her love for the Church, a love that was so palpable in her tone and joy, she said something that really struck me. Danielle said simply:

“Our faith is not a rubber stamp you’re meant to put on things. It’s a part of who you are. In fact, it’s the core part of our being, and it’s not afraid of who you are, it’s not afraid of any questions. You might have doubts, you may have questions—but the Church isn’t afraid of them at all. The Church is a good mother and understands that it’s not charity to hide the truth from others.”

How did you end up as VP of Digital Content for GC?

“I love working in media and have been blessed to work in old and new media throughout my career. I am excited to be working in this role where I can be a part of sharing the Good News in new and innovative ways. It’s an honor to be here.”

Do you have any particular hopes for GC? Is there a certain direction you would like Good Catholic to move towards?

“In a general sense, I am excited to explore opportunities, to encourage and support our community on a more practical level. Right now, people may need to come to us and say “well, I have a problem in my marriage right now,” and I want to help meet them in that pain and share with them the reality that the Church is there for them. I would love for us to meet the needs of many of today’s Catholic families as well as reach out to those who might be struggling in their faith. The Catholic faith is such a great gift and it is for everyone. It is important to continue meeting people where they are at and sharing Catholic resources, and a Catholic worldview, that still address the pain of where they are. I hope to reach more people with the good news that God created them for love and He has a unique plan for their lives.”

What has been your experience with Catholic digital content? What are the upsides of digital media for developing a Catholic community and the “new evangelization?”

“There are varied experiences with the Catholic digital content world, but that’s an exciting challenge, how can we connect people well, create a digital experience that can encourage and support one another. I hope that we can encourage them not just digitally but can encourage them to be more active participants in their own Church communities. Digital media is great for this role. It is accessible, flexible, and versatile.”

What is your favorite GC content? And what are you most excited to work on?

“I love podcasts! I have always been a fan of many podcasts and have enjoyed creating my own podcast for several years. I am looking forward to developing our podcasts and connecting with more and more people as they drive and fold laundry!”

I hope you enjoyed meeting Danielle as much as I enjoyed speaking with her. Her experience, not only in Catholic media but as a Catholic wife, mother, writer, and friend, will be an invaluable addition to our community.

Good Catholic’s First-Ever Live Event

Danielle is passionate about working with women to help remind them of their worth and beauty. This is an aspect of her personal ministry that she is excited to bring to Good Catholic. It is this passion that motivated her to initiate Good Catholic’s first ever live event on Saturday, May 20th, 2023: A Heart Like Mary’s Women’s Retreat!

As a wife, mother, and friend, Danielle understands that the physical, emotional, and spiritual ways that women serve others is a great gift, but a gift that can sometimes come at a cost. It’s exhausting to continually meet the needs of others. It can feel burdensome, and much of the time, that work is carried out behind the scenes, going unseen, unnoticed, and unthanked.

This is why Danielle leans on Mary and wants to show all women how to do the same! Mary’s example of womanhood, rooted in a relationship with Jesus, can encourage and inspire all women. Mary shows women the gift of their femininity and wants all women to find joy in living and loving as she does. If you are interested in joining Danielle, along with Father Ed Looney, author of the book A Heart Like Mary, for our first ever live retreat, register here!