Find Your Peace (with Dr. Mario Sacasa) #388

Find Your Peace (with Dr. Mario Sacasa) #388

So many of us struggle with stress and anxiety in our lives.

(Snippet from the Show)
“Particularly among young people, we see correlation between the amount of time spent online and an increase in anxiety and in stress.”
– Dr. Mario Sacasa


So many of us struggle with stress and anxiety in our lives. Navigating work, relationships, finances, and health issues can really take a toll on our mental health. Dr. Mario Sacasa joins us to discuss what really happens when we feel stressed and share some practical ways we can manage it. He also shares about things we should know as parents to best support our kids’ mental health.

To go deeper on this topic with Dr. Mario Sacasa, check out his Good Catholic Series. Overcoming Stress and Anxiety. 

At the end of the show, Danielle answers a question from Jen who is doing her best to establish a daily prayer routine but meeting some obstacles along the way.

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