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Welcome to The Saint of the Day Podcost, a service of Good Catholic and The Catholic Company.

Join us each day as we share the story of a unique saint in three minutes or less. From the more well known saints, like Therese and John Paul II, to some of the more obscure ones, like Simeon Stylite and Oswald of Northumbria, we promise that you’ll learn something new each day! And did we mention each episode is less than three minutes? Listen everyday on your way to work, or when you’re picking up your kids from school. There is never a bad time to turn on The Saint of the Day Podcast! And above all else, we believe that not only will you enjoy learning more about the saints, but you’ll find yourself wanting to be one yourself! The saints not only inspire us, but they build us up and make us want to be better than we are! So make sure you hit subscribe, and you’ll never miss a day!

Episode 1 premieres on July 1st!
We will see you then.