Make Room for Jesus (with Ambrose Bean) #384

Make Room for Jesus (with Ambrose Bean) #384

Ambrose shares how he came to found the Bethlehem Society, how others can get involved, and some of his goals for its future growth.

(Snippet from the Show)
“In the Church, we need to return to very simple telling of the story, and that’s what the Bethlehem Society is trying to do. We’re forging a new path, which is really the old path, to get back to the basics, get back to the fundamentals, and simply tell the story as beautifully as possible.” – Ambrose Bean


Our special guest this week is Ambrose Bean, none other than Danielle Bean’s own son! Ambrose, a theologian, author, and teacher, shares about a new project he has been working on called The Bethlehem Society, a group of Catholics united under the common conviction that the Church is longing for a return to Christ in modern times. They publish a digital magazine featuring articles, reflections, poetry, and other written works produced by Society members. As writers, speakers, teachers, students, public servants, tradesmen, parents, religious, and professionals of all kinds, they seek to reintroduce Christ to the world, at a time when there is “no place” for him in the inn.

At the end of the show, Danielle answers an email from Diane, a woman who is having difficulty forgiving her sister-in-law after a painful experience. For more information and encouragement on this topic, check out How to Forgive When It’s Hard from our archives.

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