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Our Sacred Heart series is now available!

We got to talk with your host, Fr. John Eckert, to hear about the program, and get some tips on how to better love Christ’s Sacred Heart.

🕒 In this Video:
0:00 – Welcome
1:00 – Why the Sacred Heart Matters
3:06 – What if I don’t feel God’s Love?
9:13 – What’s been a hard topic to prepare?
11:49 – “The Precepts of the Church are underrated!”
15:09 – The Sacred Heart’s symbolism, and how it helps you not be lukewarm
18:37 – “Knowing” God, “Loving” God & Sacred Heart
23:44 – How Christ’s Love inflames everything
25:08 – The Old Testament “saints”
25:50 – Praying for Sinners & sharing the Gospel
27:18 – Tips for our Subscribers
31:20 – Sign off & Thank you

We were thrilled to be able to sit down with Fr. John Eckert, Pastor of Sacred Heart Parish in Salisbury, North Carolina. We talked about our recent digital series, The Sacred Heart, and the conversation took us all over, exploring the love of Christ and how it operates in each of our lives. We talked about how to truly encounter God’s love in our hearts, the importance of the Blessed Sacrament, the ways that he Precepts of the Church are underrated, how to pray better when you’re busy, how the Sacred Heart stops you from being lukewarm as well as the balance between “the head” and “the heart” in the spiritual life. This Sacred Heart series will help you experience the love of Christ, hear His loving words, and show you how to practice true devotion to the Sacred Heart in a world that desperately needs it.

In 15 Sessions, you will:
● Discover the lesser-known saints who gave us the devotion before St. Margaret Mary
● Hear the exact promises Jesus made to those who practice this devotion
● Learn where the Sacred Heart devotion is hidden in the Gospels
● Learn how to devote yourself to the Sacred Heart—and have an enthronement ceremony
● See why the image of the Sacred Heart perfectly encapsulates God’s, Incarnational Love
● …and much more!

Sign up for the series: https://bit.ly/3Oejuxk