5 Ways to Find Joy (Even in Hard Times)

A free, live, virtual event to answer your questions about how to live a joyful life.


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Do you desire more joy in life?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by life’s demands, stresses, and obligations. Whether you’re dealing with your day-to-day routine or very real burdens, you can be robbed of the peace you seek—the peace you need to find in order to be refreshed and nourished.

On Thursday, June 15th, Danielle Bean joined us for a live event where she shared some practical tips on how to reclaim joy in our lives. Click the video to watch the recording!

Find out:

    • The secret to choosing joy every day
    • A simple, life-changing prayer everyone needs
    • The joyful power of saying “yes” to God
    • What we can learn from Mary’s example
    • How to overcome obstacles to joy in your life

The schedule included a short presentation by Danielle, a group discussion, and a question-and-answer session where listeners asked Danielle their particular queries about living true joy!

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5 Ways to Find Joy (even in hard times)

Very informative, powerful, and much needed. It can be very hard to remember that God will do what is necessary. Thy will be done. I loved all of this.

- Hillary
(verified owner)

5 ways to find joy

It was wonderful. I never though that, for instance, I ask my guardian angel to talk to my husbands guardian angel to intervene for us.

- Diana
(verified owner)