A Holy Lent


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The Lent Program You’ve Been Waiting For

It can be challenging to make the most of Lent. First, we decide what we’re giving up. Then we get sidetracked. Sometimes we fail and get discouraged.

What if you had a spiritual guide at your side each day to illumine Lent’s spiritual riches, keep you focused, and give you clear, attainable spiritual goals?

Announcing Good Catholic’s new and official Lent series!

In this highly-requested Lenten retreat, Fr. Jeffrey Kirby will guide you from Ash Wednesday to the Easter Vigil so that you can make the most of this holy season.

Experience the Fullness of Lent’s Forty Days

A Holy Lent navigates the forty days of Lent and helps you receive all of its graces.

It’s your personal journey into the Heart of Christ through the graces of His passion, death, and resurrection.

Featuring a dynamic offering of videos, written reflections, prayers, examens, prompts, practical action items, and more, you can easily and seamlessly incorporate this spiritual retreat into your daily life.

  • Sundays: immerse yourself in a beautiful Lenten Scriptural reflection
  • Mondays: dive into an introduction to your Lenten theme of the week
  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays: absorb powerful lessons on truths of the Faith
  • Thursdays: enter your spiritual “Upper Room” for a reflection day
  • Fridays: discover the power of fasting and sacrifice and put it into practice
  • Saturdays: be guided into a focused examen along with a Marian reflection

Have Your Best Lent…and Easter, Too!

A Holy Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and lasts until Easter.

Each day we’ll send an email directly to your inbox with the devotions for the day. Your subscription gives you access for one full year from the start date.

May this Lenten season fill you with an abundance of God’s grace!

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"A Lenten Treasure-Trove!!"✝️🙏✝️

“A Lenten Treasure-Trove”🙏 Thank You Soo much!!
Out of All the Lent reflections …I had to choose from…. This “A Holy Lent” series was OUTSTANDING!! I Truly mean that! I looked forward to it Everyday, & learned soo much! It was always right on point, & spoke to my Heart & Soul~ with a building up & of a conviction! Fr. Kirby was so humble & heart reaching in his videos!! Thank You to The Good Company, for The Best Lenten series I’ve experienced, or have ever come across!! Blessings to you All who made it possible! & I Encourage everyone to purchase this series for Lent!🕊️ It is Very Powerful!! 🌸God Bless You All!! Melissa

- Melissa
(verified owner)

Excellent series!

This is an excellent series. It really helped ground me in the lenten journey for the whole season!
Fr. Kirby was an excellent teacher. He is so passionate and real about the faith and it’s teachings.
I was inspired every day through the writings and the video message. Thank you all so much! I highly recommend this series. Praise God!

- Alison Heckler
(verified owner)

A humble and contemplative walk with Jesus

This program has been a way for me to really go deeper into the promises I make every year at the Easter Mass – the Baptismal promises. Fr. Kirby amd his daily reflections tie perfectly in with the written portions. It has been so far a fruitful and contemplative Lent for me through adding this program to my prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Thank you Fr. Kirby and all the contributors to this excellent program that helps us all walk humbly with Jesus in the desert.

- Laurie Garrow Harris
(verified owner)

Thank you for this video. Your words made me believe that God loves me, that he loves all of his children. There was no religion in my home. God was never mentioned in my house only when they weren’t pleased with us. Then He was used to put fear into us. I am now going to the Catholic Church and am learning so much about God, Jesus, our Blessed Mother. I am now learning to love myself. Your words about the devil telling us lies resonated with me. Thank you for opening my eyes to the fact that our Father loves us. I look forward to watching more of your lessons.

- Signa Ebeling
(verified owner)

"A Holy Lent"

I really like that the series provides a multi-modal approach. I have a written lesson, a video and I am also provided with an auditory rosary to support my Lenten journey. As a parent I can take my children along with me on this journey with small portions of this daily lenten faith exercise. Thank you.

- Sherry Daniels
(verified owner)

Thank you Father for the wonderful message about the desert and what it means to me during Lent! I never thought of it that way, but it makes so much sense now! Lenten Blessings and much gratitude!!

- Belinda Murano