Angels and the Supernatural


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You are surrounded by supernatural realities.

There is a realm of mysterious beings who are pure spirit. They cannot be perceived by the five senses unless God permits them to reveal themselves.

There are angels. There are demons. And the souls of our departed loved ones are very much alive.

Are ghosts and demons the same? What is the Catholic perspective on invisible realities? Why is the world of spirits important?

What is the supernatural…and what has it to do with us?

Be a soldier for Christ—not a victim of the devil.

It’s important to have a healthy understanding of the invisible world created by God. This series will give it to you. It will help you understand the role of angels in your life and how important your guardian angel is for your soul.

You will find a proper answer to the question of ghosts and supernatural phenomena. You will learn the basics of spiritual warfare and how to approach it. You will be reminded that the devil and his temptations are real—and that Christ has given us the resources we need to overcome them in His Church.

Develop a healthy perspective on the invisible world so that you will respect it—but not live in dread of it.

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Thank you for another wonderful series, I have learned so much. I will be going over this series over the next year a lot. I have always felt that there was something or someone guiding and protecting me. Thank you so much, God bless all of you.

- Russell D.

Fantastic series. I really learned a lot about my guardian angel specially. Thank you so much.

- Elena K.

Enjoyed and learned so much with the Angel series. Thank you

- Nancy W.

Thankyou Father Kauth for leading me leading us on this glorious path to a better understanding of my guardian angel and the awareness of other angels and reality of the supernatural.

- Nancy S.

I really do not want this to end. The daily videos and devotions have been such a source of information and strength for me.

- Nancy S.

Thank you so very much for this series on the Angels and the Supernatural. If anyone hasnt taken it, I highly recommend it.

- Mary B.

I have really enjoyed the series on Angels and the supernatural.
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

- Regina H.

Each day I look forward to the new lesson being presented on Angels and the supernatural. Im learning so much!

- Charlotte Y.

Today’s lesson on St. Joseph and the Virgin Mary was amazing! I have to admit I’ve never thought of St. Joseph in they way it was explained today. This is an excellent program.

- Linda C.

Great series. Enjoying it and learning so much!! Tnx to the GC team!!

- Bernadette P.

Father Kauth is excellent and so down to earth

- Elena K.

This course is wonderful.

- Christine B.