Angels and the Supernatural


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You are surrounded by supernatural realities.

There is a realm of mysterious beings who are pure spirit. They cannot be perceived by the five senses unless God permits them to reveal themselves.

There are angels. There are demons. And the souls of our departed loved ones are very much alive.

Are ghosts and demons the same? What is the Catholic perspective on invisible realities? Why is the world of spirits important?

What is the supernatural…and what has it to do with us?

Be a soldier for Christ—not a victim of the devil.

It’s important to have a healthy understanding of the invisible world created by God. This series will give it to you. It will help you understand the role of angels in your life and how important your guardian angel is for your soul.

You will find a proper answer to the question of ghosts and supernatural phenomena. You will learn the basics of spiritual warfare and how to approach it. You will be reminded that the devil and his temptations are real—and that Christ has given us the resources we need to overcome them in His Church.

Develop a healthy perspective on the invisible world so that you will respect it—but not live in dread of it.

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47 Reviews

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I am completely fascinated with this series. I now say prayers and rosaries for souls in purgatory.

- Roxy D.

An excellent series.

- Roberta O.

I’m fascinated by what I am learning in Angels and the Supernatural. Thank you, Good Catholic. I have been remiss in praying for the holy souls. This series will definitely help to remedy that.

- Lee P.

Just completed Angels & Supernatural. What a wonderful class! I will be more attentive and respectful of my Guardian Angel and learn to love the gift God has given me. Thanks to all involved in creating this blessing for us all!

- Patricia C.

I have just completed the final day of Angels and the Supernatural Thank you Genevieve for your very interesting and comprehensive articles, and all Good Catholic staff so much for providing this. As a convert to Catholicism in my late teens, I was not taught many things that cradle Catholics know almost from birth. I knew I had a guardian angel, but never realized what a valuable gift he is…Last, but not at all in the least, Thank you Fr. Kauth for such a beautiful course. You are a wonderful teacher!

- Ann P.

Am loving this study series!!

- Diana R.

Every time I read the study, then finish listening to Fr. Kauths reflection, my immediate reaction is, Wow I never have been told anything about the angels except a small amount about my Guardian Angel, Angel Gabriel, and Michael the Archangel. As I am learning how God created them and gave them each choir, responsibilities, it amazes me. I am stunned. I am in awe at the power and majesty of God. I thank you so much for providing these courses to us! What a gift!

- Ann P.

Angels and the supernatural is a real game changer! I learnt so much!

- Bernadette P.

I love Father Kauth. He is such a great teacher!!!!

- Gayle G.

Of all the “presenters” in the various series, Fr. Kauth has to top my list of the best. His thoughtful, clear, explanations and illustrations from his own life really bring the message home. They are all special and great in their own way, but I always get what he’s saying. Just wish he had more time. It always seems too short.

- Joriah Y.

The Angels series is again a wonderful part of the excellent series offered. I love my guardian angel so very much and
am even more grateful after this study.

- Joyce H.

With each series, I think how good it is and how relevant it is to me right now. A dear friend would tell me that its always the Holy Spirit working. The Angels and the Supernatural series had so much new information for me. Things that I have wondered about were explained and answered.
Thanks so much Good Catholic !

- Regina L.