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Do You Want More Joy in Life?

Joy. It’s a word that’s easy to say, but often hard to live.

Many womenthe physical and spiritual mothers of the world—find daily life to be busy, demanding, exhausting, and draining.

But even in life’s harder moments, God calls us to a truly joy-filled existence.

How do we experience joy as womenin the midst of trials and challenges as well as joys and triumphs?

How can we find greater joy in life by embracing our feminine gifts and strengths: things like service, compassion, sensitivity, and receptivity?

How do we choose joy in every circumstancejoyful or sorrowful, peaceful or stressful, easy or difficult?

The answer is Mary.

Choosing Joy with Mary

The Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary are a unique pathway to understanding true joy, as lived and exercised by Mary. It is in these Mysteries that we contemplate her role as the Mother of Jesus in the events of Jesus’ early life.

But did you know that two of the events commemorated in the Joyful Mysteriesthe Presentation of Jesus and the Finding of Jesus in the Templewere, at the same time, the occasion of two of Mary’s Seven Sorrows?

That’s right. Happy moments were often intermingled with difficult ones in Mary’s life, but she was always joyful.

She models for us just how to be joyful even in the midst of sorrows, trials, anxieties, and the unknown. Especially through the Joyful Mysteries, she teaches us how to choose joy at every moment.

Danielle Bean, a wife, mother, podcaster, and speaker, has dedicated her life to reminding women of their worth and beauty in the eyes of God. In this series, she will guide you through the Joyful Mysteries so you can discover with Mary what it means to choose joy.

In this 20-day series, which will include both written reflections and daily videos with Danielle, you will discover:

  • How Mary teaches women to use their unique, feminine gifts to bring Christ to the world
  • The ways that the modern, hectic world can rob us of our joy
  • How joy is possible even when life is sorrowful
  • Practical tips on how to cultivate a spirit of joyno matter the circumstances
  • Real-life stories from Danielle on how she has found joy in the ups and downs of life

Each day will include an audio Rosary led by Danielle so you can pray each day for the graces Our Lady so desires to give you in your life.

Join us on this enlightening and invigorating journey through the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary—and let Mary teach you how to live a life of joy.

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Choose Joy

This series provides for us a path to follow for living in joy while bringing to our attention the faint distractions that pull at our attention and deplete our energies. We are provided an excellent opportunity to take stock of our days and recognize how to enhance our being.

- Gretchen Trupiano
(verified owner)