Fatima: The True Story


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A Great Sign From Heaven

The Marian apparitions at Fatima have not merely been approved by the Church: due to their prophetic nature, they have been given a place of prominence over all other apparitions. What did Our Lady really say? Why does Fatima continue to have such great importance for the Church and the world? Begin a journey that will help you understand Our Lady’s messages and let them transform the way you live out your faith.

What is the True Story of Our Lady of Fatima?

The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to three shepherd children in 1917 in Fatima, Portugal, on the 13th day of the month from May to October. The final apparition on October 13th concluded with the spectacular “Miracle of the Sun” and was witnessed by over 70,000 people. Although many Catholics have heard of Our Lady of Fatima, most do not know the incredible story in its entirety or its crucial importance in world history, the life of the Church, and our own eternal salvation.

Why This Apparition Matters To You

Over a century after the apparitions, Our Lady’s appearance at Fatima remains a event of the greatest importance in the life of the Church. Pope Francis, who dedicated his pontificate to Our Lady of Fatima, honored the centenary with a historic visit to the site of the Marian apparitions on May 13th, 2017. You can immerse yourself in the history and meaning of Fatima from your own home by participating in this 30-day series, which will present and explain the apparitions and show you how they apply to you and your family today.

We believe it is important for everyone to know the Fatima story, what it means, and how it has dramatically unfolded in history since the original event. In the words of Pope Benedict XVI: “We would be mistaken to think that Fatima’s prophetic mission is complete.” As you read, listen, and pray through this series, our goal is for you to practice your Catholic faith in a way that will be transformative for your whole life.

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I enjoyed the series ? a lot of information I did not remember reading in the past. Thank you for all the hard work

- Bea Cameron

Your 30 Days to Fatima was excellent. There is not a single more important subject to explore and promote at this time in the history of God’s Salvation Plan. Thank you!
[p.s. I will look forward to the next program ‘Good Catholic’ may offer. bdc]

- Bruce Canade

Oh my dear ones…it was so Enlightening! I will try with all my heart to fulfill Our Lady’s requests. I worry a little about attending Mass on the first 5 Saturdays, since I am homebound. I am grateful for the Sunday Mass through Heart of the Nation…at least I can experience the Spiritual Communion weekly. Everyday I say the Act of Contrition and now I will include the Rosary daily. I am so blessed to have ordered the booklet that is just like saying the Rosary along with the journey.
Again, thank you, may God bless You!

- Lisa Herrera

I enjoyed this study on Fatima very much. Very enlightening. Thank you.

- Michael Mitrano

I thought this 30 day series was absolutely wonderful and extremely well done. I got behind a few days at times during the series but would catch up when I could. I loved the long text and the short video. It was very practical to have the video transcript available as sometimes I just couldn’t watch the video due to my schedule but I could read it in spare moments I had. I bought the order and break down of things were very well thought out. I only wish I could get more to do the series. I have shared it some with others but mostly it has changed my interior. I started praying daily rosaries about half way through the series and marked my calendar to do the First Five Saturday’s devotion. I was seriously struggling with a sin at the beginning of the 30 days and I continued to offer this up and begging for grace as part of my intention during my rosaries, asking for how I could make reparation for my sins, asking for the grace to stop. God granted this prayer almost immediately and now I am not even seduced by this sin. I am so grateful and will continue to pray the rosary daily and try to spread devotion to Mary’s immaculate heart. Thank you for this series!

- Anonymous

Thank you this series has been outstanding.

- Anonymous

I loved it and found it very useful and informative.

- Anonymous

Every morning I rushed to read it, very informative and thought provocative!

- Anonymous

Thank you for this. I learned so much that I did not know. Hoping it will help to keep me on track with my prayer life.

- Anonymous

Dear Father,

This was a life changing experience. I learned so much and I have been drawn closer to Mary because of this experience. The first thing I did each morning was to read another entry.

I think the value of the series, for me, was the depth of the subject. I had never read about Fatima in such detail. Another strength was that this knowledge was extended over two weeks so that there was time to mediate on this miracle .

I would like to have the ability to access and reread some of the days. Will that be possible?

Thank you for this amazing series!

- Diane
- Anonymous

I loved it! I never missed a day and always looked forward to what was coming next.
It was a five star ?? series and I’m now doing my Rosary every day. Bless you!

- Sharon Kieffert