Fatima: The True Story


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A Great Sign From Heaven

The Marian apparitions at Fatima have not merely been approved by the Church: due to their prophetic nature, they have been given a place of prominence over all other apparitions. What did Our Lady really say? Why does Fatima continue to have such great importance for the Church and the world? Begin a journey that will help you understand Our Lady’s messages and let them transform the way you live out your faith.

What is the True Story of Our Lady of Fatima?

The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to three shepherd children in 1917 in Fatima, Portugal, on the 13th day of the month from May to October. The final apparition on October 13th concluded with the spectacular “Miracle of the Sun” and was witnessed by over 70,000 people. Although many Catholics have heard of Our Lady of Fatima, most do not know the incredible story in its entirety or its crucial importance in world history, the life of the Church, and our own eternal salvation.

Why This Apparition Matters To You

Over a century after the apparitions, Our Lady’s appearance at Fatima remains a event of the greatest importance in the life of the Church. Pope Francis, who dedicated his pontificate to Our Lady of Fatima, honored the centenary with a historic visit to the site of the Marian apparitions on May 13th, 2017. You can immerse yourself in the history and meaning of Fatima from your own home by participating in this 30-day series, which will present and explain the apparitions and show you how they apply to you and your family today.

We believe it is important for everyone to know the Fatima story, what it means, and how it has dramatically unfolded in history since the original event. In the words of Pope Benedict XVI: “We would be mistaken to think that Fatima’s prophetic mission is complete.” As you read, listen, and pray through this series, our goal is for you to practice your Catholic faith in a way that will be transformative for your whole life.

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I enjoyed the series I wish it could have gone another 30 days. My faith has grown from this experience, I hope you have many more to come.

- Anonymous

Dear Catholic Company:

Am so grateful for the Fatima series! Loved that you brought the history of the country and ?set the stage? for the appearance. I knew of Fatima, but as I know now, it was a vague knowledge before this series. This showed me how significant an event the Miracle of the Sun was, and how it has been minimalized in our present world. I?m a convert so I don?t know if this is taught to kids, but certainly think it should be.

I will miss getting the email every day ? but will continue to say my daily Rosary, now with new zeal. Thank you so much. Hope you are thinking about doing this same thing with other Marian apparitions ? or other significant events in the life of the church.

- Deborah

I thought it was very well done. It was thorough and detailed. Only one thing I would change.

- Lynne

Thank you for providing this series. I can’t begin to say how much it enriched my life during the last 30 days. There was a time (several years ago, I might add) when I prayed the rosary pretty regularly, but I have fallen by the wayside and just done it sporadically in the last several years. This series helped me to rededicate myself to praying this prayer. My husband and I retired about a year ago and I have slowly but surely refocused my mornings to starting my day out nurturing my journey with Christ. It not only helped me in committing to praying the rosary daily but making sure we attended Mass regularly, even when we were away for a week of R & R. One of the things I most enjoyed was the audio rosary prayer with the reflections on each mystery. While I am fully capable of praying the rosary on my own, having the audio helped to keep me focused on the individual mystery and not just allow my praying to become another rote prayer that I needed to get through each day. It would be great if your website provided the rosary audio on a daily basis. As most Catholics, I have always been aware of Fatima and other Marian visitation sites, but this 30 day novena helped me get a much better insight into Fatima, i.e., the history of the time, Portugal, etc. Thank you again so very much for making this available. It was well worth the cost attached and will have long lasting benefits for me.

- Karen H.

I have been sooo pleased with this series on Fatima. I had forgotten much of what I knew of these apparitions as a child, and it has truly inspired me to take action to make the message known.
I was especially pleased that you included the different schools of thought about the consecration of Russia; also, the information about the popes, and our role in fulfilling Our Lady’s requests. It was altogether an excellent production! …loved every bit of it!
Oh, the history, too! Hope I am not missing anything…it was ALL SO GOOD!

- Maureen

This series was so informative. I looked forward to it every day!

- Fran

This was wonderful for me because as I woke up each morning I was able to include it
with my scripture readings and other prayers. Father’s brief talk was inspiring and being
able to pray along with the rosary was the best. Thank you.

- Rosemary Van Vranken

Her messages were life transforming.
I thought it was a terrific excellent series. Surprising facts, especially about the Christian church in Russia. But so much more! …the children’s life and prayers in the fields before the apparition was truly significant. But bringing all together every single fact and event and making it a journey was awe-inspiring. I loved it.

- Barb Duffy

Thank you for writing, interpreting and explaining the miracles of Fatima, it’s history and message.
I recently was confirmed Catholic and these writings have changed my life & strengthened my faith.

- Tiffany West-O’Mara

I just completed the series and wanted to let you know that the content was compelling and well developed. Breaking it up into 30 day sections made it that much more attractive as we were forced to focus on the day’s topic and not jump ahead. I’m very happy with the content as well.

- Susana Ayers

Thank you for all your hard work putting this immense topic on a site that was easy to understand.

One can tell you took great care and love to put this together for all of us.

This content was so beautifully produced, the pictures, the content, the quotes and historical value is priceless could you please put this in a book form thank you.

I love even the fonts, borders and picture!

- Jennifer Wrightington

Thank you for this excellent series. As a rare cradle-Protestant from Portugal and in Canada, an Evangelical, I knew little if anything about Fatima. The journey home towards Catholicism surprised me a couple of years ago with an interior call to Ignatian exercises and discovery of the riches of time with (what had been unknown to me) the Blessed Sacrament.

Learning about the Fatima events has confirmed much of what had been revealed to my heart in many unexpected ways. I began the series with a May 13th visit to another surprise: the Fatima Shrine in New York. As God’s timing and surprises continued, I professed that day, St. Louis De Montfort’s Total Consecration prayer. Daily I looked forward to my morning devotions and the Fatima series were usually first. The length of each segment, the gentleness of the video host, and the sensitive progress of written subject matter is much appreciated. The effects on the world will continue as many more are called to “pray much.

- Lidia Vierira