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Christmas Is Coming.

We call it the most wonderful time of the year…and the busiest time of the year.

At the same time, we know deep down that we ought to take a step back from all the busyness and prepare our hearts for Christmas Day. But even when we try to focus on Christ, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Yes, we want a great Christmas. We want a Christmas that isn’t so rushed. We want the joy that only Emmanuel can bring. But how can we do everything we need to do, and still have a holy, peace-filled Christmas?

Advent First. Christmas Second.

If you want a great Christmas, you need to have a great Advent first. Advent reminds us of the ultimate purpose of Christmas. It helps us prepare our hearts for the birth of Jesus Christ, so that we’re spiritually ready to celebrate, not just ready because we’ve wrapped all the gifts and baked all the cookies and hung all the lights.

But what does it mean to “celebrate” Advent? This digital series will show you.

Why Join This Series?

Great Advent is a 22-day devotional series that begins on the first Sunday of Advent. It provides daily articles, videos, and reflections that can be completed in about 15 minutes a day. It fills in the gaps between the Sundays of Advent and gives you a road to Christmas that makes room for Jesus.

This is an Advent journey that’s doable, accessible, and flexible enough for a busy schedule.

Instead of finding yourself exhausted and overwhelmed on Christmas Eve, saying, “I’m not ready!” you’ll be able you to say: “I am spiritually ready for Christmas this year.”

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Thank you for a most inspiring preparation for the birth of our Lord, God and Saviour. I have got so much out of it that I am looking forward to Christmas Midnight Mass more than I usually do. I always love Midnight Mass but this year is will have much more significance. Again, thank you. May the joy, peace and blessings of the lord Jesus be with you and yours tonight.

- Barbara H.

I am learning so much from Great Advent. The practice of humility and integrity are some areas I plan to focus on doing better in my call to holiness. Whitney said it well when she stated that God came into the world to rescue sinners. Yes, we are all sinners! Just remember sinners can become saints.

- Diana C.

I have learned a lot so far and look forward to each segment, it is really great because you learn something ever time and I feel closer to my heavenly father each time, thank you.

- Russel D.

Thank you for another wonderful series from Good Catholic.

- Linda I.

This series has provided me the best Advent every. Through this series I have been more at piece with myself as I contemplate my relationship with God. I’m prepared to carry forth this true meaning of Advent.
Merry Christmas all

- Tony C.

Thank you for a wonderful series, I learned a lot from it. hope you come up with another fine one, have a Good Christmas and a happy New Year.

- Russell D.

Beautifully done. Richly presented. Time well spent. Thank you for this series!
Merry Christmas!

- Collen T.

…this series was wonderful! I gained so much from it as well as from all the other series! Do keep them coming!

- Linda B.

I am so enjoying his commentary and how he interweaves stories of his childhood into the topic he’s discussing. I’m sure he is much loved at his parish. What a blessing!

- Lori L

I really enjoyed this and am looking forward to the next fine program they have. I can’t thank them enough.

- Russell D