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Do You Know What God Is Asking of You?

These are difficult times, but great virtue is formed during great hardship.

God is pouring out His graces upon you right now. He gives us everything we need to be extraordinary!

And He’s calling YOU to deeper holiness. He’s calling YOU to sainthood and eternal life.

Will you answer His call?

Yes, YOU are Called to Be Holy

God wants you to be with Him forever in heaven.

But that takes more than prayer…it takes virtue.

And becoming more virtuous doesn’t happen overnight.

Virtues are good habits. They take time. They’re something you build, one small step at a time.

That’s why you need to start now!

In this 21-day series, we’ll show you what virtue really is (not what we think it is), how to build specific virtues that will help you cooperate with God’s grace, and tell you the story of a saint who developed that particular virtue in a special way.

Virtue takes intentionality, but there is so much to gain from it. Everything, in fact!

What You’ll Get

Heroic Virtue is not an academic study. It’s a plan of life established for you by those who’ve already achieved holiness and virtue: the saints!

You will learn

  • What virtue is, and what growth in virtue really looks like
  • How to be kind and loving without being a doormat
  • The different types of virtue and how they help us grow closer to God
  • How being virtuous makes it possible you to live a truly balanced life
  • How to grow in 17 different virtues, as lived out by a real-life saint
  • How challenges, obstacles, and crisis have produced amazing men and women

“We’re all called to be great saints. Don’t miss the opportunity.”
Mother Angelica

Virtue is for saints…and we’re all called to be saints.

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I have done several online retreats and courses dealing with different aspects of spirituality . . . this one beats them all!! THANKS VERY MUCH TO THE FACILITATORS FOR AN EXCELLENT JOB!

- Bernadette P

I want to thank you for the scriptural Rosary. I’ve been using it every day, including between series. I love that it automatically selects the appropriate mysteries for the day of the week.

- Michael R

Thank you for the series!! As always it is sad when a series ends but I feel so blessed with all of the information!!

- Elaine J.

I will definitely be returning to it time and again until I commit it to memory…I need these virtues, but I can’t get them without the light or the Holy Spirit! God bless us all!

- Mary W.

For the past 21 days I’ve looked forward every morning to the newest lesson on virtue. Now my duty is to practice and strive for holiness of life. This is an ongoing challenge but with Gods grace I can make baby steps. Blessings to all and thank you to those who wrote and presented this wonderful teachings.

- Irene M.

I learned so much from this series. I am sad it is over. In addition to all the information on the saints and virtues, I especially loved the scriptural Rosary meditations.

- Therese C.

Another wonderful thought provoking series from The Good Catholic! I especially love hearing about the lives of the Saints who have gone before us with such interesting lives. May we all learn to grow in holiness by practicing these virtues and join our fellow Saints in Heaven.

- Dena K.

I want to thank everyone involved, most of all Fr. Reid, for this series. I feel so close to Jesus, Mary, and the Holy Spirit. The people who spoke the rosary were so spiritual!

- Gayle G.

This was such an enlightening series for me! Thank you

- Agnes M.

*Excellent* series. Well presented and a rich source to come back to another time or two before my year is up. Thank you!

- Colleen T.

am learning so much from this series about virtues I had not idea were virtues. It’s amazing how many I need to work on, but with the grace of God I firmly believe I can practice these virtues in my life. I never ever considered the fact that I could be a saint and I am so happy, and relieved, that God gives me all the tools I need to become one. Praise God.

- Linda V

This series gives us the tools we need to right the wrongs of our lives so we can become saints. I’m so thankful to have clarity to help me overcome my weaknesses and sinful nature. Praying for the grace to trust God’s will for all of us. Jesus, I trust in you.

- Sharon H.