Holy Week


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Walk with Jesus Through Holy Week

We at Good Catholic are offering the Holy Week portion of our Holy Lent series as a special mini-series, so you can journey with Christ through the holiest week of the year. If you signed up for A Holy Lent, you already have access to this program.

Even if you haven’t joined us for Lent, you can join us as we journey through Holy Week with the Lord. It’s a one-week retreat with Fr. Jeffrey Kirby as your spiritual guide.

Make this Holy Week prayerful and meaningful, so you can arrive at Easter ready to rejoice in the resurrection of Our Lord!

Experience the Most Sacred Time of Year

Holy Week can be an odd time. There’s Palm Sunday, which may catch us off-guard. “Holy Week is here already?” we may think to ourselves.

Then a few days of…nothing. Then—all at once—the profound liturgies of the Triduum.

It shouldn’t be that way. All of Holy Week matters, and we can show you how.

Join us to discover:

  • What Jesus was up to on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Holy Week
  • How the liturgies mimic Christ’s actions in Jerusalem
  • Why Jesus’ heritage mattered for His Sacrifice
  • How Our Lady ministered to the Apostles after Good Friday
  • …and much more!

An Easy Spiritual Guide

This mini-series will be easy to accomplish! It’s a powerful yet simple guide for your Holy Week experience.

That way, you can arrive at the sacred liturgies prepared and deeply focused on Jesus Christ. 

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Holy Week

My heart has been on FIRE since going through this “experience” last year!

- Jayne Buckley
(verified owner)

Meaningful Journey Through Holy Week

I signed up for this series at the last minute…so glad I did! It really helped me reflect on every day of Holy Week with a new perspective. Holy Week had a much deeper meaning for me this time around.
Love and thanks to Father Kirby.

- Camille Lukasik
(verified owner)