How to Be Hospitable During the Holidays (Even When It’s Hard)

Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas…it’s the most wonderful time of the year. We look forward to welcoming people into our homes and sharing the joy of the seasons…well, sometimes.

Hospitality isn’t always easy. The stress the secular world attaches to the holidays—and difficulties we often face with people close to us—can make it a big challenge.

On November 8th, join us along with three special guests as we discuss how to practice this virtue—even when it’s hard!

Hosted by Ennie Hickman.

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How do we practice hospitality—every day, with everyone?

Hospitality was an important virtue in the ancient world. The Greeks and Romans took it so seriously that they attached severe consequences to failure to practice it. In the Bible, Abraham welcomed three strangers into his tent—and unknowingly entertained God Himself.

Jesus said, “…I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me” (Matthew 25:35). The Church, following Christ’s directives, numbers acts of hospitality among both her spiritual and corporal works of mercy.

We have a big opportunity around Thanksgiving and Christmas to practice this critical virtue. But often it’s intimidating. The secular world puts unreasonable pressures on us, our minds get stressed with all the apparent obligations, and there are family members, friends, and guests who can test our charity and patience.

How do we open the doors to Christ during these holy seasons—and even take joy in doing so? How do we extend these lessons throughout the entire year, not just on special occasions?

We’re going to ask a few people who know. Veteran evangelist Ennie Hickman founded the Del Rey Collective to help Catholics bring their faith into the everyday aspects of their life. Erica Campbell—founder and designer at Be A Heart—and Monét Souza—founder of young adult ministry A Message of Hope—have used their own journeys to uplift and inspire Catholics whose faith is challenged by an increasingly secular world. Join us and them on November 8th to find out how you can welcome Christ with joy during the holidays—and every day!

Ennie Hickman

Ennie Hickman

Founder, Del Rey Collective

Ennie Hickman is a passionate advocate for Gospel joy, and his extensive experience in youth ministry, mission work, and public speaking has touched the lives of many. Ennie currently serves at The Saint Constantine School and College in Houston, TX. His commitment to loving one’s neighbor has led to the founding of the Del Rey Collective, where he and his family encourage others to embrace their mission in the ordinary aspects of life.

Erica Campbell

Erica Campbell

Founder, Be A Heart

Erica Campbell is an entrepreneur, designer, and mother of two. Her storyincluding her battle for sobriety and her recent ADHD diagnosisis one of resilience and transformation. In her open and honest discussions, she covers topics such as motherhood, entrepreneurship, sobriety, mental health, and faith. Erica’s journey is a testament to the beauty of becoming the person God created you to be.

Monét Souza

Monét Souza

Founder, A Message of Hope

Monét’s journey through faith has been both challenging and rewarding. Growing up in a Catholic home provided her with a solid foundation, but she faced difficulties in maintaining her faith through high school and college. Monét’s experiences inspired her to establish A Message of Hope, an organization dedicated to helping young adults persevere in their faith in an increasingly secular world.

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