Mary Undoer of Knots

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Feeling Anxious? Mary Can Solve Your Problems

This powerful Marian devotion has been introduced into our hurting world just when we need it the most.

It is all about entrusting Mary with the “knots” in our lives: the problems, conflicts, and pain that we endure within our souls, in our relationships, or in our daily trials which are difficult to bear and feel insurmountable.

Instead of struggling alone, Mary wants us to hand these knots over to her so that she can begin to untangle them. There is no knot she can’t unravel.

You Are Not Alone!

It is in times like these that Our Lady wants you to hand over the “knots” of your life so that she can untangle them with her own capable hands.

Unemployment, anxiety, spiritual hunger…there’s no knot she can’t unravel.

Over 400 years ago, Mary’s intercession healed a troubled marriage, and inspired the devotion to Mary Undoer of Knots. Since then, millions of Catholics have offered her their problems, suffering, and hardships…and she has untangled them.

She’ll do it for you, too!

Discover the power of this devotion and Our Lady’s God-given ability to smooth out the knots in your life. You can do it right from home through our acclaimed, life-changing series.

Give Your Fears Over to Mary

This beautiful three-week series tells the true story of Mary, Undoer of Knots. It shows you how to surrender your problems to the Blessed Mother and how to make this devotion an effective reality in your daily life.

With Mary Undoer of Knots you will get:

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Times are tough, but there is no knot that Mary can’t undo…even this one.

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I had a big knot that I couldn’t get rid of. I was getting very miserable and angry and resentful. I did this novena and prayed so hard to Mary to undo my knots. Towards the end of 21 days, I felt like a big burden had been taken off my shoulders. I felt light and relieved. I learned to forgive and to go on. Thank you for this wonderful novena. I want to do this several more times during the year, because I need to try to remember everything that was written and said!

- J. S.

NEVER have I been more proud and honored to be a Catholic than at this moment in my life and that I attribute to ALL of you. This Group epitomizes what it means to be a true Catholic. Yes we go to our parishes & attend mass.. BUT to be in a Group such as this one and to see the genuine love and faithfulness coming from different states and perhaps other countries has evoked a renewed love for my Catholic faith.

- Maria R.

As we come to the end of this novena i have truly been blessed with our prayer family!! Lifting up all of our knot and crosses to Mary her son our Lord Jesus and our guardian angels. May we all continue to remember each other in our daily praying. A special thanks to Fr. Miller and his daily reflections, they were totally awesome and inspiring !!!

- Sue C.

Thank you Good Catholic for this excellent study. Today’s message from Father Miller is beautiful, powerful, comforting, and inspiring. I will be pondering his closing comments and striving to take them to heart.

- Gayle B

Oh I am so loving Father Miller and the way he describes things. So simple and easy to grasp and meditate on.

- Joriah Y.

I just love today’s water / snow analogy … something I will spend some time reflecting on … how much easier it is to think that our prayers have not been answered, no graces granted ….. no, we simply are not ready to receive them yet … we are too hard / cold. These recent series have certainly made me more aware of how our faith is an ongoing learning process … I pray to be more aware of my life / thoughts / feelings … so that I can ??warm up? and be more receptive to all the graces that surely have been and surely will be given to me. Thank you to Father Miller for all his wisdom and insight!

- Mary-Elise

This is my 2nd official journey through. however, I have been praying this since January, daily, I can’t begin to tell you how much my life has changed for the better because of it, personally I am at greater peace than I’ve ever known before.

- Carole T.

I just finished day 1. What a wonderful blessing! I so glad I signed up.

- Mary F.

I loved the series. I look forward to the next one. I learned so much. I feel like I want to pray more and grow closers to Jesus and Mary.

- Anonymous

I have several knots on my life that need undoing and so do several friends. It taught many lessons about how to pray and how to pray for others. The series opened my eyes to many things I didn’t know and refreshed my memory in things I had forgetten! Father was excellent in his thoughts! I enjoyed listening to him. Everyone part of the series was excellent!

- Anonymous

I found the Mary Undoer of Knots series to be very informative, educational, and inspiring. It gave me a deeper understanding of my Catholicism and spiritual life. I looked forward to participating every morning and I was kind of sad once I completed the twenty first day.

- Anonymous

Thank you. You have touched my heart and changed my life in ways that are unexplainable. I am not the same person who walked into this study. Thank you!!

- Anonymous