Purgatory: Cleansing Fire


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The Most Misunderstood Doctrine?

Purgatory is surrounded by myths and misunderstandings. Many Catholics no longer believe in it.

Despite what some people say, however, the Church has never changed her teaching on purgatory.

Many of our loved ones are there now—and many of us will experience it one day.

Purgatory is for real. Souls have visited from the other side to prove it to us.

If you have questions about purgatory, now is the time to answer them.

All Your Questions: Answered.

In response to popular demand, we’ve created a series that answers your most common questions and confusions about purgatory.

No more myths. No more misconceptions.

In this 27-session serieswhich consists of video reflections by beloved GC contributor Fr. Matthew Kauth and engaging written content by our GC staffyou will learn:

  • What “visitors” from purgatory have revealed to visionaries about their experience there (Sessions 20-23)
  • Why purgatory is an incredible mercy (Session 6)
  • What causes suffering to the Holy Souls there (Session 2)
  • Where purgatory is found in Sacred Scripture (Session 12)
  • What the saints tell us about purgatory (Sessions 17, 22, 23)
  • How to avoid purgatory, with God’s grace (Session 7)
  • Why purgatory is necessary even though Jesus’ sacrifice was perfect and complete (Session 9)
  • …and much more!

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Changed my life forever

I had no idea we need to pray for those souls in purgatory, for the loved ones passed, for those who have no one praying for them, for ourselves right now… I am grateful for the insights and testimonies, the information is overwhelming but hopeful. Thank You Lord for leading me to this series.

- Cathy
(verified owner)

Purgatory - Cleansing Fire

Excellent! This series is a great way to learn all about Purgatory. Father Kauth does a great job in the lessons of fully explaining and going beyond what you will read about in each lesson. I have read several books on Purgatory, so my beginning knowledge level was already proficient. This series will take you beyond that, so it is excellent for the novice and veteran learner. Highly recommended!

- William Sims
(verified owner)

Purgatory - the Holy Souls beg for our help!

An absolutely fantastic course on Purgatory. The content was beautifully presented and has deepend my faith. I’ve taken what I learned and educated my friends and family. I also have started praying daily for the Holy Souls. Thank you so much to Good Catholic for this much-needed content.

- Lumea Howard
(verified owner)


Excellent presentation and so easy to understand. Father Kauth does a phenomenal job of making purgatory understandable and less frightening of the unknown!

- Alisa
(verified owner)

Excellent series! I learned many things about purgatory I didn’t know. Read/watch and you too will strive harder to avoid going there! Thank you all, especially Fr. Kauth, for making this series.

- Donna Quinlivan
(verified owner)

Purgatory - Cleansing Fire

I was blind to 99% of the content of this series. Very eye opening, powerful and needed presentation of Purgatory. This series should be promoted teaching to all adult Catholics. Suffering souls are awaiting our prayerful petitions on their behalf. Thanks to all the participants in this presentation. My love and gratitude to all, Jane Honea🙏❣️

- Jane Honea
(verified owner)