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What You Don’t Know About Prayer

Let’s be honest. You probably think you’re doing fine in your prayer life. And perhaps you are. But is your prayer life actually deepening and growing? St. Bernard famously said, “He who does not advance, falls back.” What if there’s more to prayer than what you experience now? God wants all of us to pray like saints. What’s holding you back from reaching the heights of prayer that God is calling you to?

Don’t Just Pray More, Pray Better.

Prayer is essential to our spiritual life, yet it is one of the hardest things for us to do. If you’ve ever tried to maintain a consistent and meaningful prayer life, you know how difficult it can be.

In order to pray well as faithful Catholics, we must draw from how the Holy Spirit has taught the Church to pray over the centuries.

School of Prayer is a 30-day devotional series to help you advance your prayer life farther than you ever realized you could. In this series you will study prayer in the universal Catholic Church as taught by scripture, papal encyclicals, catechisms, the saints and spiritual masters from the East and West, and more.

This includes:

  • The two things necessary for true prayer
  • The four different kinds of prayer
  • The three levels of prayer
  • How to identify and overcome the common obstacles to prayer growth
  • Practical tips for developing better habits of prayer
  • How to pray as a family
  • …and much more!

Get practical instruction that will help you pray better—now and for the rest of your life.

How Does It Work?

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I love it! It’s making me rethink all the ways I already pray. It’s reaffirming so much for me. I always beat myself up because I don’t think I do enough but in reality I do a lot of this! With that said, there is always room for improvement!

- Anonymous

I am really enjoying the series so far! I like how today Father Matlak talked about the distinction between the image and likeness of God. I think Eastern Christianity (Orthodox and Catholic) has a better understanding of this aspect of theological anthropology. That makes me more excited about this series, because as a Roman rite Catholic there is a lot that I can learn from the Eastern Catholic Churches!

- Douglas Cory Arceneaux

This study is wonderful! Life changing!

- Cindy White

I have learned so much in just these 4 days. I, too, enjoy learning about the other rites. Keep up the great work that you are doing!!!

- Linda A Belyea

Absolutely love the first week and enjoy reading all your comments. It’s so great to interact with people of faith, on social media. [about the FB group component]

- Joseph Paolillo

I particularly like the references to the Eastern traditions. This is an area that most Roman Catholics are not very familiar with. I discovered that the Ukranian Catholic Church has its own catechism! Very interesting indeed! So much to learn about our wonderful Catholic Church!

- Bernadette Phillips

I am pleased, amazed and strengthened by this series. I find that detail and insights are plentiful and it is almost (in my opinion) to much to ingest at one time. I know that this 30 days of prayer will be repeated many a time since it provides me with much to continue and still learn. So much to learn

- Ryan Taylor

I’m learning so much from these series; thank you Good Catholic!

- Gayle Brock Price

Day 12 of the series was very enlightening. I never heard of acedia or the Noonday Devil until today. This series is very good for my spiritual journey. I am pleased it is available so I do it again. I may get more out of it if repeated.

- Edna Nesser-Grimsley

I so needed today’s lesson. I have had consolations in the past, far and few in between. It never occurred to me that God would remove consolations so we don’t grow to love the consolations rather than God who provides them. I will continue to pray, for the love of God alone, and not for any consolations I may be blessed to receive.

- Pattie Marshall

I am convicted today of changing my posture while I pray..with great hope I know I am being transformed with this “school of prayer” series.. God bless you all

- Karen Fletcher

School of Prayer” is a great series. I had been having so much trouble a few years ago to find the time to pray. Little by little it started to increase, and this series brings a whole new perspective on prayer.

- Beverly Slomka