St. Joseph: Our Protector


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After the Blessed Mother, St. Joseph is the greatest and most important saint of the Universal Church, protector of Jesus and Mary…and us. 

We often forget about St. Joseph. As a member of the Holy Family, he’s the one who isn’t God and isn’t “Full of Grace.” But he was vitally important in the life of Christ—which means he’s important in our lives, too.

St. Joseph was the closest person to Jesus Christ and to Our Lady. He is even closer to them now, interceding on our behalf. He will protect us just as he protected the Holy Family. 

That’s why—rather than treating him as a passive background character—we ought to have a fierce devotion to St. Joseph. 

Join us for this 5-part series, presented by Fr. Matthew Kauth of St. Joseph College Seminary in the Diocese of Charlotte.

You will learn:

  • Why St. Joseph is the perfect example for approaching Jesus and growing closer to Him
  • What it means that God chose this particular man to be the Protector of Jesus on earth…and how it affects us
  • That St. Joseph was not a frail old man as we often see depicted, but a strong, vibrant, younger man, rightly called the Terror of Demons
  • Practical ways to cultivate a relationship with St. Joseph in order to lead a good life and experience a happy death

You will have access to the entire 5-part series right away, but we’ll send you daily reminders in case you’d like to take it one day at a time. 

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We pray litany 3x aday

- Dianne carol Nordean

Mrs Marita Flanagan

I cannot ask everyone enough to keep St Joseph close to your hearts
He was given the title “Foster Father” of The Son If God
Enough said

- Marita Flanagan

I am a fan of Father Kauth! I have participated in a few of the series he has hosted and found them to be inspirational
Thank you for your efforts to educate and enlighten all of us. I am looking to learn more about devotion to St. Joseph – so this fits my needs perfectly.

- Sue Anderson