The Life of Christ


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This Lent Deepen Your Relationship with Christ

Being a Christian means imitating Christ. But how can we imitate Him if we don’t personally know Him?

This Lent, discover Jesus’ works, loves, joys, and sorrows in The Life of Christ so that you can follow Him more closely.

Change Your Life By Studying His

You’re familiar with all the stories about Jesus—but do you know what they really mean? You know that Jesus is our Savior—but can you prove that He was truly the Messiah? You know about the Pharisees—but do you know who they really were and why they wanted to kill Jesus? You know how Jesus died—but are you missing details on how He lived?

In this 40-day series, you’ll walk through the life of Jesus, and understand Him better by learning:

  • Why it matters that He was the Son of David (Day 2)
  • That Jesus is the Truth, not just “a moral teacher” and how we can follow the Way he set for us (Day 7)
  • Why He was not a “nice guy” and what that means for us when we see injustice (Day 15)
  • What Jesus told us about the end of the world…and how we should prepare (Day 23)
  • How Jesus’ actions in the face of the church and public leaders who wanted to kill him show us how to live in the face of persecution (Days 29-30)
  • …and much more

Take a Lenten journey with Good Catholic and Fr. Ken Geraci. Gain a deeper understanding of the life of Jesus Christ so that you can live your life as He lived His.

How It Works

The Life of Christ begins on Ash Wednesday, February 17. Once we begin, you will receive a daily email as each day’s content is added. For 40 Days, you will experience the life of Our Lord through insightful daily articles, and a reflection from Fr. Ken Geraci, that will illuminate the events of Jesus’ life and give you actionable ways to follow him in your own life.

Are You Ready to Follow Him This Lent?

Join us for The Life of Christ, grow closer to our Lord, and have your best Lent.

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My First Lent in My House

During this pandemic, I discovered and have appreciated EWTN with Sunday and daily Mass, with photography so intimate I can see the altar up close as our Priests perform the Sacrifice— even being taken to the Cathedral in Rome to see the Pope! Now I can follow Jesus during lent, even though I cannot leave my house. Thank you. I am looking forward to this journey I began in Catholic grade school.

- Petty Vanyo

Life of Christ Promises to Be Good with Great Series Contributors

I, for one, am really anticipating this series — I’ve enjoyed the other series and videos these series contributors have made; in particular Fr. Geraci is enthusiastic and shares that upbeat vision with all who watch.

- Gretchen T.