Thy Will Be Done


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Anxious? You Can Have Peace…Guaranteed

Do you feel overwhelmed? Scared? Nervous? Unsettled?

What if there was a sure way to find peace and overcome anxiety?

Good news: there is! And we’ll lay it all out for you.

Maybe you’ve tried all the tricks: meditation, breathing exercises, therapy, self-help books.

Well, there’s something—someone—more powerful than all those things, and the results are guaranteed.

God Wants You to Be at Peace

Your all-loving, all-powerful Father knows your fears and your weaknesses.

And He has the solution: Himself!

There’s just one thing we have to do—trust. The rest is up to Him.

Isn’t that a great relief? God loves us and He has a plan for us.

But we all know it’s not quite that simple, because we’re human. That’s why it’s helpful to have a guide.

In Thy Will Be Done, Fr. David Miller will lead you to Trustful Surrender to God, showing you how to unlock the power of Faith in God’s loving will.

You Can Find Peace: Here’s How

You’ll get instant access to the pastoral wisdom Fr. Miller has fostered in more than a decade as a parish priest.

Will it always be easy? No.

But that’s when we need Faith the most, because it’s in those times that God really pours out His grace. We just need to know how to accept it.

In this 40 part series, Fr. Miller will show you how to:

  • live joyfully in the present moment (Session 6)
  • detach yourself from worldly concerns (Session 13)
  • forgive and heal wounds through surrender to God (Session 17)
  • recognize God’s Mercy and love even in the most trying times (Session 30)
  • align your will to God’s will for lasting peace (Session 38)

And that only scratches the surface.

We Make It Simple for You

For 40 days, we’ll send a video directly to your inbox that will lead you to an abiding faith and peace in God.

Want to go at your own pace? You’ll have instant access to all 40 sessions, and they’ll remain available for a year so that you can go back to them when times are tough.

And here’s the best part. If you’re not more at peace at the end of the series than when you started…we’ll give you your money back.

No questions asked.

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The Most Amazing Series!

This was your most amazing series. Whitney Hetzel and Father Miller are so down-to-earth that anyone can understand abandonment. Now doing is another issue to work on. God bless both of them for being so insightful. Thank you.

- Peter

Trust in God

This series has given me so much peace as I am learning things I never comprehended before. If we all could learn to think what “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done “ means, we would be stress free. It is not easy to do but something we all need to work at. Getting to heaven should be our most important goal and we need to put our trust completely in God’s hand.

- Johna
(verified owner)


This was my first Good Catholic series, and by far my favorite. It has expired, so I’m here to renew it for the next year. Every episode was just filled with lessons I have used as a reference over the past year.

- Julie Sabri
(verified owner)

Life changing

I started this course when I was struggling through a very nasty divorce that I did not want. This course changed my life and helped me understand that the suffering I was experiencing was all part of Gods good plan for me.

- Jim Coletti
(verified owner)

Thanks be to God and Good Catholic

This series helped me so much as I am dealing with family issues that will result in my son losing his parental rights. He is an alcoholic and will not recognize that. My granddaughter will not see me. It’s hard to accept God’s Will during this time. Now I have a better grasp on how to do so.

- Cathy Hart
(verified owner)

Thy Will Be Done - The Ultimate Faith Building Series

This is not only the best online series I have ever done, it is the most outstanding Lenten devotional overall. The first time I went through it, I did both the daily reading and the daily video by Fr. Miller (as the series is intended). But one of the unique things I discovered talking to others who also did the series is that the reading portion and the video portion could easily each stand alone. Several people told me that they only had time for the daily video, and yet they raved about the life-changing lessons as much as I did doing both. I have since done a second round of the series focusing on the readings (I wish Gretchen Filz published books… she’s incredible). This year, since I have several Lenten devotionals, I am only doing the daily Fr. Miller video. No matter how you go through this series, it sparks a conversion of heart. Life is hard, especially in the current secularized, divided and Pandemic-weary climate of our country, so the lessons from this series are foundational to finding peace, trust, and hope that I feel I should do it every year so that the lessons immediately come to mind each time I face my next challenge.

- Mary