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How Well Do You Know the Faith?

Where is that in the Bible? Why do you Catholics worship Mary? How can you believe in those old superstitions? The list goes on.

You’ve heard the questions, but do you know the answers? Can you really defend your faith?

We’re here to help.

Our newest series, We Believe, is an accessible and essential guide to understanding the teachings of our Catholic faith so that you can defend it and bring others to the Church.

Discover the Truth

There’s a lot of bad information out there. Catholics are sometimes surprised when they learn the truth about the Faith.

Have you ever been told that we don’t need the sacraments? Or that the Eucharist is just a symbol of our unity? How about the claim that Catholics added “extra” books to the Bible?

None of those claims are true, but most Catholics don’t know how to respond. Do you?

In this 30-day series, we’ll walk you through what the Catholic Church actually teaches, so you can know your faith better, live it out, and share it with others.

Get the Answers You NEED to Know

In the past 50 years, many Catholics haven’t been given the education they deserve. We Believe will give you that education so that you can understand your faith more deeply and defend it.

Each day we’ll answer a real-world question or objection that Catholics hear all the time:

  • “Why do you have a pope?” (Session 4)
  • “Are you saved?” (Session 9)
  • “Why do you have priests?” (Session 17)
  • “That’s just your truth, but it’s not my truth.” (Session 22)
  • “Catholicism is a religion of hate!” (Session 30)

Get clarity on complex issues, and the tools you need to talk about them with others.

How Does It Work?

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We Believe Series

I have spent so much time on this series because it is fundamental. Sadly, I cannot complete it because I have had over a year. I think once one pays for a series, one should be allowed to access it as long as needed. Learning about the faith, strengthens each and giving one a time limit to complete the series is unfortunate. Once I pay, I basically “own” the content for as long as I need.

- Mary L
(verified owner)

(Day 5 of We Believe). Deeply clarifying and deeply inspiring.

- Adrianne T.

Loving the We Believe series!

- Gina S.

love this series and I”m learning a bunch!!

- Gloria G.

I started the “We Believe” series today.
It’s just the thing for baby steps to becoming a newbie!
So much to learn.

- Janice B.