Ask A Priest | Catholic but not Roman Catholic? What gives?

Ask A Priest

In this episode of Ask A Priest, Father Joseph Matlak answers the question: Catholic but not Roman Catholic?

November is the month of the holy souls, but today fewer people say that they believe in purgatory. Their spiritual focus is often only on feeling good or thinking of a heaven where everyone is assured of instant bliss.

But visitors from the other side tell us a different story. There are countless stories of visitations from those beyond the grave, telling their loved ones about the visceral realities of the life beyond the grave. Not to mention visions of the saints and others who see beyond during a near-death experience. Some might ignore all this as simple superstition, but what’s a Catholic really supposed to believe?

We know there are invisible realities like angels and demons, and we know of our departed loves ones are very much alive. But what about the rest? Do ghosts exist? Are they just demons? What does the Church say about all this, and why does it matter to you? Now, you’ll know.

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