Why Ukraine Matters to Catholics & How To Help!

Ask A Priest

The Russian invasion of Ukraine looks like something out of the history books, and the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church has a lot at stake. Fr. Joseph Matlak walks us through why Ukraine matters to all Catholics and what we can do to help.

Click here to help Ukrainian Refugees.

Our most powerful weapon is our ability to pray. To pray for the successful defense of all that is good, right, and holy. To pray for the safety of the Ukrainian people and nation. To ask the Most Holy Mother of God to intercede on their behalf, to drape her mantle over them, to show us once again that she is our protector as she has so often in the past.

But we can and should support those who have become refugees due to the war. Many people have already been displaced through the eight years of war that have enveloped eastern Ukraine. This full-scale invasion has already led to millions more. They need the basics: food, clothing and shelter, medical care. And that’s just short-term. Next will be more permanent housing, jobs, education, documents, and much more.

Fr. Matlak’s Eparchy is collecting donations on their behalf. It is their people that are suffering, and they are in a position—there in the thick of it—to help. Click here.

All funds will be sent to Ukraine in a secure manner through the Eparchy of St. Josaphat.

In the meantime, please keep praying for true peace in Ukraine and for the safety of her people.

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