Watch: Sneak Peek of “Divine Mercy” [Video]

Watch: Sneak Peek of “Divine Mercy” [Video]

You know about the Divine Mercy devotion.

But do you really know about the Devotion?

Its original context? The real reason for its urgency? Its importance for your spiritual life?

Did you know that “mercy”—especially God’s mercy—is misunderstood?

Have you ever felt that there are pervasive, false understandings of what it means to be merciful?

How, for example, does mercy play out against justice?

God is merciful. But He is also just. Are mercy and justice ever in conflict?

Divine Mercy vs. Divine Justice?

Our new digital series on Divine Mercy (you can sign up here) is going to be a powerful experience. It launches October 5th, the Feast of St. Faustina Kowalska.

Check out this exclusive sneak peek in which our video host, Fr. Ken Geraci of the Fathers of Mercy, shares some teaching on the twin realities of God’s mercy and His justice:

The hour of justice is coming, Christ says, but now is the hour of Mercy.

If we hope to persevere through the darkness, we need to live out the message of Divine Mercy.

This spiritual course will show you:

  • Why the Divine Mercy message is “for the end times” (Session 3)
  • Why Mercy is God’s “Greatest Attribute” (Session 9)
  • Why every sinner, no matter how far gone, can find mercy in Christ (Session 12)
  • What it means to have true conversion (Session 14)
  • How the Divine Mercy Devotion can revolutionize your spiritual life (Sessions 23-29)
  • …and much more!

Christ is calling you to a deeper relationship with Himself.

Come, hear His words, find new hope, and immerse yourself in His unfathomable divine mercy.