Journey to Christmas


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Prepare the Way

This is a busy time of year. It’s all about getting ready.

But we can be so focused on shopping and decorating and planning that we forget to get ourselves spiritually ready for the coming of Jesus.

That’s why we’ve created a series that will help you prepare for Christmas without feeling overwhelmed. Fr. Matthew Kauth (back by popular demand!) will be your weekly guide as we prepare for the coming of Christ.

We know you don’t have a lot of time. That’s why this series has been designed to work within your schedule. It’s easy to take on too many spiritual practices and feel like a failure when we can’t get to them all, but this series is simple and flexible–so you can succeed!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A daily devotional email that includes Christmas novenas, Advent wreath prayers, a Spiritual Christmas Crib, and more! We compile all the devotions and send them to you each day—you decide which ones work best for you!
  • A spiritual guidance video from Fr. Kauth delivered each Sunday during Advent. You don’t need to keep up with daily videos. Start each week strong with Fr. Kauth.
  • Written reflections each Sunday that will help keep your focus on Jesus during this hectic season.
  • Access to an exclusive Catholic Facebook community, who will journey with you and offer spiritual support.
  • Weekly video check-ins from Fr. Kauth offering encouragement and practical advice as you prepare for the coming of the Savior.
  • BONUS: On each of the last seven days of Advent you’ll also receive a video recording of the O Antiphons sung by the St. Joseph Seminary schola!

Have Your Best Advent…and Christmas Too!

This unique series is designed to give you a spiritually rich Christmas season helping you prepare well and keep your focus on Christ.

Keep your Sundays of Advent spiritually rewarding and continue throughout the week with our daily devotional emails and mid-week check-in videos.

Jesus is Coming: Get Ready!

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When Does the Series Begin?

Journey to Christmas begins on November 28th, the First Sunday of Advent, and lasts until Christmas.

Each day we’ll send an email directly to your inbox with the devotionals for the day. We’ll also send you Written and Video Reflections each Sunday, plus a check-in video from Fr. Kauth each Wednesday. Your subscription gives you access for one year from the start date.

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Today’s post was perfect! …What a beautiful reminder that time is what we make of it, and we need to set time always for our Lord.

- Mary Ann L.

this series has made a big difference in my life!

- Graciela G.

I am absolutely loving the daily messages. They are short, easily digestive, and I’ve been reading up on the daily scriptures as well. This is such a great program for those with busy, busy lives, but still meaningful to keep Christ in our daily lives. Thank you for this. I’m so grateful to have found this.

- Jen S.

I have tried to use Advent as a time of preparation , for a number of years. But as the nature of the season, hurriedly tried to do too much. I think I piled devotion upon devotion, never completing one. This year, I find a devotion that tells me that it is okay to do it when I have time or inclination within the day. I do love this.

- Kristine E.

Its a wonderful experience.

- Raine N.

I love Fr. Kauth! Ive watched and listened to him in other series too. His voice and manner is so calming and spiritual. Ive been thinking about what he said in the video when he said God made us this way that we need sleep. He didnt have to but he did. Im going to watch the video again because Ive been pondering this thought.

- Krysta C.

Just finished listening to Fr. Kauth’s, Day One Reflection on the Journey to Christmas. It was captivating, thought provoking and comforting. Especially comforting in these unsettling times. Having issues with sleep, to the point that sometimes I think it might be over rated, I will begin to see sleep with a different view point.

- Peggy M.