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What does food have to do with faith?

One of the primary needs of our everyday life is food. We can’t survive long without it.

But is that all it is—a mere need that must be filled?

The Church doesn’t think so. She thinks that the meals we share with one another are holy and grace-filled—and that they have the power to sanctify our souls, to keep our families together, and even to save society.

Parish priest and professional chef Fr. Leo Patalinghug has dedicated his life to feeding his flock in both soul and body. And he’s here to show you how the way you eat can change your entire life.

The Spiritual Power of Meals

In our modern world, people just don’t eat together anymore. Families are often broken or separated, busy schedules get in the way, single people and the elderly are often left to eat alone. A good dinner with others is rarely a priority. Is this just the way things are, something we have to get used to? It doesn’t matter that much…right?

Wrong. Food is not only of critical importance to our bodies; it’s critical for our souls as well. Our Faith is infused with the imagery and reality of food. The devil tempted our first parents through fruit; we read about miracles and events pertaining to food throughout Scripture; the Church’s calendar is adorned with the feasts of Our Lord, Our Lady, and the saints; and the source and summit of our entire Catholic life is the Holy Eucharist, where Christ comes to us as both physical and spiritual food.

So how do we return food to its rightful place in our faith and families? How do we reap the plentiful spiritual fruits available to us in our physical meals?

Fr. Leo Patalinghug has some ideas. As a Cordon-Bleu-trained chef, parish priest, and founder of the international food and faith movement Plating Grace, he’s on a mission to save souls, marriages, and families—by bringing everyone back to the dinner table!

In this 25-day series, you’ll learn:

  • How regular family meals keep kids on the right track
  • Why Fr. Leo is against “anniversaries”
  • Why dating your spouse is so important to a happy marriage
  • What to do if you regularly eat alone
  • Why the Church’s liturgical calendar of feasts brings joy to our lives
  • Who the saints really are, and why we should dine with them
  • How to cook 5 delicious, simple recipes for your family and friends

Step into the kitchen with Fr. Leo and discover how the meals you eat can transform you and your family—body and soul!

How Does This Series Work?

Starting on November 14th, you’ll receive a daily email directing you to each day’s lesson, which will consist of both a video from Fr. Leo and written content from Good Catholic. Five lessons, interspersed throughout the series, will be cooking videos in which Fr. Leo will take you through a complete recipe, start to finish (the written recipe will be included as well).

Bon appétit!

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What a fun and informative series! I learned so much in this “delicious” presentation!

- Donna Carver
(verified owner)

The Heavenly Table

Loved it! Father Leo is very engaging and down to earth. Tried his recipes and they were very good. Also loved his reflections on faith and family. Wish I was brave enough to do the flambes.

- Connie Fleming
(verified owner)