Hope For the Future: Discover St. Joseph’s Seminary

Hope For the Future: Discover St. Joseph’s Seminary

After we finished filming our series I Firmly Resolve (learn more about this spiritual jumpstart and sign up for free here) we sat down with our video host Fr. Matthew Kauth for a casual behind-the-scenes interview about the exciting things happening at the recently-founded St. Joseph College Seminary where he serves as rector.

Watch the interview:

St. Joseph College Seminary is emerging as a bright spot on the horizon of our future priesthood. It is here that Fr. Kauth and his brother priests are training young men to become the holy and virtuous priests the Church in America desperately needs at this time.

Watch the message from the seminary:

The priests of St. Joseph’s Seminary are working hard to raise funds to build a permanent residence for an exploding number of new vocations.

We’re collecting donations from our readers to present to Fr. Kauth in support of St. Joseph College Seminary’s building project.

Make a gift of your choice. No gift is too small, and 100% of your donation will support St. Joseph College Seminary.

Praise God for this new work and the many vocations that are coming from it!