Finding Simplicity


Give the Gift of Good Catholic.

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Declutter Your Soul.

In this chaotic world, how can you find peace and balance? How can you overcome anxiety and constant busyness?

Through simplicity.

Easier said than done, but in Finding Simplicity, we’ll give you a fool-proof plan to put stress behind you and live a more peaceful, simple life.

You Want It…Now Go Get It.

You want simplicity and peace. But with your phone constantly buzzing in your pocket, and the world spinning around you, how do you get there? Simplifying is all the rage—in home organization and design. But what’s the use of simplifying our environment when our souls remain cluttered?

That’s where Finding Simplicity comes in.

We’ll give you the tools you need to push beyond exterior minimalism to a true simplicity of soul. Over 21 days, we’ll walk you through 10 steps to live the simple life: both spiritually and literally.

Plus we’ll show you 7 practical tips on how to grow in and maintain your new anxiety-free life, including:

  • How to use the liturgical life of the Church to guide your own life (Day 5)
  • The importance of incorporating “use-less” leisure into your life (Day 15)
  • The benefits of charity and community for achieving spiritual simplicity (Days 9 & 11)
  • How to live an ordered day, without wasting time or overstuffing your schedule (Day 14)
  • …and much more!

Simply Guaranteed.

It’s not just theory. These 10 actionable practices will help you simplify your life. If you implement these practices you will finish this series with a stronger relationship with Christ and others, a deeper sense of peace, and simplicity of life and soul.

We’re confident that Finding Simplicity—guided by the teachings of Jesus and His Church—will set you on the path to true simplicity. If you’re not more at peace or stronger in your spiritual life by the end, we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

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It’s an awesome series. I loved it.

- Maria S.

I absolutely love it. I’m in the middle of my second time through it.

- Virginia M.

Excellent series. Quite enlightening.

- Agnes M.

It was beyond wonderful!

- Anne R.

I just restarted it. It’s very good and worth the time.

- Barb W.

Highly recommend it! Such good realistic takeaways from it. I recommended to 4 of my prayer sisters & they were so grateful. I actually went through it twice

- Michelle M.

Simplicity right now and absolutely loving it each day. All the series are wonderfully clear and valuable,but this one right now just seems right— especially as you say — should I do this series or another? I had the same question, thinking I’d do a few. Then started “Simplicity” and decided simply — to focus on this one for this Lent. Can’t go wrong with any, My problem is wanting all of them — and Simplicity is helping me in that area !!!

- Janice R.

Already loving this series and it’s only day 1

- Caroline H.

I really like how this series, Finding Simplicity, has some questions for us to ponder. It’s also not as long as others witch makes it easier to go back to and reread if needed. Thanks Good Catholic

- Diana C.

I really love Simplicity. It is not complicated, it is simple and very deep. Thank you so much… I found I have to improve in many areas, but it has open my mind and I find myself with much more time. Thanks a lot again…Taking care of a husband with last stages of Parkinson (lack of mobility) and 4 strokes this series is helping me a lot. Focusing on the moment has been a blessing. Thank you

- Elena K.

I’m enjoying this series very much. The tips for living out Simplicity are spot on. I just noticed that tomorrow’s tip is 12 steps to humility. Gee, I think this series was written exactly for me!!

- Gloria G.

I just finished the series on “Simplicity” and would sign up for 20 more years of it.

- Cheryl E.