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Want to read the Bible…but don’t know where to start?

Many of us have made a spiritual resolution at some point in our lives: “I am going to read the Bible.”

But then the inevitable queries arise in our brains:

“I want to read the Bible…but don’t know how to begin.”

“Do I just read the Bible like a novel from start to finish, or is there a better way to do it?”

“Should I be worried about misinterpreting the Bible?”

“What do these prophecies mean?”

These are just a few of the questions that stop many of us from embarking on the adventure of reading God’s Word. How about you?

Do you wish you had a guide to the Bible? A knowledgeable, easy-to-follow guide, who can explain the confusing passages, offer needed context, and take you deeper into the meaning of God’s Word?

Look no further. How To Read The Bible is here to assist you in your desire to know Jesus better through the Scriptures.

The Plan You Need to Discover the Riches of Scripture

You can do it. You can read the Sacred Scriptures—and not only read them, but develop a deep and personal understanding of them.

Now, reading the Bible can seem like a big undertaking. But with the right guide and a clear plan, the journey becomes so much easier—and brings immeasurable rewards.

In this series, popular host Fr. Jeffrey Kirby will be your guide through the astounding world of God’s sacred Word. Through actual Bible reading assignments, daily videos, and fascinating written content, you will be really absorbing—and understanding—Scripture!

But this isn’t a one-and-done coursethe tools and skills you will learn will equip you for a lifetime of studying and loving the Sacred Scriptures.

On this journey, you will…

  • Read Scripture alongside Fr. Kirby through specific reading assignments that span both Testaments
  • Learn what the Bible is, how it is organized, and how it came to us
  • Discover the essential role of the Church in formulating and interpreting the Bible
  • Become adept at the varied, complementary ways in which we read and understand Scripture
  • Understand the historical and cultural context of the books of the Bible

…and so much more!

Join us on an exciting journey to discover the Scriptural Christ.

Still Not Sure? Watch a Sneak Peek!

If you need a bible, the Ave Catholic Notetaking Bible is the same translation used in our series, and has generous margins for notes. Order yours from The Catholic Company!

If you have your own bible but need some extra space for journaling and taking notes, check out our How To Read The Bible Journal, made especially for this series!

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Highly recommend!

I have learned so much from this series, especially how everything in the Old Testament, was a prefigurement of Jesus. There were so many “WOW!” moments when certain passages were explained. Fr Kirby’s videos were also very enlightening. I recommend this series for anyone who desires to know more about Scripture. It makes one realize how much God loves us. How He has endured to this day, humanity’s selfishness because He wants us all to be saved and live eternity with Him. —CLukins

- Concepcion Lukins
(verified owner)

This is a gem of a series.

This bible series has been very well done. I love the teachings of Fr. Kirby and have followed him on his Youtube channel for over 2 years. He has a series on the book of Genesis. He is an incredible biblical scholar who skillfully teaches us the moral lessons in God’s Word. This series is very professionally done. The readings in the PDFs are seamlessly integrated to the videos. It’s a great way to get an understanding of God’s work in Redemption.

- Yvonne Diaz
(verified owner)