The Meaning of Suffering


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Find Consolation and Hope

Is someone you love suffering? Are you suffering? Do you know what to say to a loved with cancer or addiction? Or how to handle your own pain, whether physical or emotional?

We all suffer—it’s part of being human. But do you know how to bring hope and consolation to your loved ones? Or how to turn your own suffering into opportunities to grow in holiness?

The Meaning of Suffering, provides crucial answers to these questions and spiritual support in times of suffering. You’ll also learn why we suffer in the first place. And why a loving and merciful God allows us to suffer. Christ holds the answers…

Look to Jesus

Suffering is universal. Everyone experiences pain, illness, grief, loss. In those moments, it can be difficult to turn our eyes toward Jesus, or to find the right words or actions to console a loved one. But God gives us a great gift: His own loving example. Jesus suffered for us on the cross, offering an eternal sacrifice for our sins, and He invites us to unite our suffering with His.

Turn Suffering into Holiness

Easier said than done.

That’s why, in the Meaning of Suffering presented by Good Catholic, we’ll unlock the teachings of the Church, the examples of the saints, and the life of Christ to help you not only make sense out of suffering, but use it to grow closer to Our Lord.

In this series you will:

  • See how suffering only makes sense in light of Christ’s suffering…and why that should bring us great joy and consolation (Day 2)
  • Discover why Jesus’ death on the cross freed us from sin but not from suffering (Day 6)
  • Learn how to handle physical, mental, and spiritual suffering, and help you or your loved ones prayerfully process grief and loss (Days 8-11)
  • Turn to the great mercy of God, who brings grace and good even out of our most difficult trials (Day 15)
  • Find hope and consolation—even salvation—in suffering (Day 17)
  • Learn practical tips about how to suffer well through the example of the saints

Suffering happens to all of us—but suffering is not meaningless. Discover how it is an opportunity to unite yourself to Christ.

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I also really appreciate Fr Roberts teaching on suffering. It gives me a sense of peace.

- Christine B.

Day 6 of suffering series…packed with powerful stuff today. I especially liked the explanation of the 13th station. Wow.

- Vanessa C.

Loving the series! As I read and listen to the daily reflections, I truly love praying the Rosary at the end. My suffering in this life has been huge. But through every single bit of it, my faith has only grown. The Blessed Mother is with me, at times holding me. At other times, she cries with me. This series is just what this broken heart needed!

- Jackie D.

Father Roberts’ videos are so beautiful. His words bring me to tears.

- Maria S.

As I listen to Fr. Roberts, I love to hear the gentleness and compassion in his voice. He talks about Jesus’ passion and death as if he himself had actually been there. What a gift that he was chosen to be our guide on this journey.

- Ann P.

Just wanted to say I think you guys have hit another one out of the park with the Meaning of Suffering series. Thanks for all your work and God bless you always.

- Michael R.

Day 3 very powerful message. Will never look at the celebration of Christmas in the same way. A great lesson for our children to learn especially teenagers. Thank you Father Roberts

- Linda I.

Such a powerful reflection by Father Roberts today…

- Joyce H.

This was a beautiful series. Father Roberts presentations were thought provoking snd and heartfelt. What a blessing he is to many!

- Judy W.

Father Roberts, thank you for sharing your wisdom and inspiration. Many days your message brought tears to my eyes…good tears. You gave me a whole new understanding of the meaning of suffering.

- Kate M.

Loved this series so much and am so sad it’s over, but I will be redoing it again and again. I will be especially watching the videos. Thank you Good Catholic for another amazing series, and thank you Fr. Roberts, your videos were beautiful and inspiring

- Maria S.

didn’t know what to expect from the series on the “Meaning of Suffering”, but I have learned so much from Fr Roberts who is so humble and inspirational. This series has enriched my Catholic faith in many ways.

- Beverly G.