Spiritual Warfare


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You Are at War…Will You Fight?

Yes, Satan is real. And yes, he wants your soul.

Will you fight back?

If this sounds dramatic…it is!

But nothing in your life is more important than your eternal soul.

You need to learn how to protect it. You need to learn how to fight against the devil.

Spiritual Weapons: Learn How To Use Them

In our series, Spiritual Warfare, we’ll give you the weapons and strategies you need to defeat the enemy.

In this 21-part series, presented by retired U.S. Army chaplain, Fr. Matthew Pawlikowski, we’ll show you how to:

  • Understand how demons tempt you, so that you can effectively defend yourself from their attacks (Session 5)
  • Call upon the angels—who have already defeated their fallen foes—to help you in your own fight (Session 7)
  • Unlock the full power of Confession: a powerful secret weapon against the enemy (Session 12)
  • Wield the ultimate weapon against Satan and his minions (Session 17)
  • Call upon three saints in particular who did battle with Satan—and who can help you by their intercession (Session 9, 10, 11)
  • Utilize prayer and fasting in spiritual warfare (Session 14)

The devil is real…and he is grasping for your soul. The good news is that you have the power of God, the saints, and the angels marching by your side.

There are powerful spiritual weapons at your disposal. Join us for Spiritual Warfare, and we’ll teach you how to use them.

There’s a battle for your soul. Fight back…and win!

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On a group text of friends, there is one who is very consumed by all the upheaval and unrest happening all over the world, and very anxious about a future he considers bleak. The text read,


I hope my response is enough to make you decide to take this course. Here is my response, Guys, I have been reflecting on Paul’s text from yesterday about the elusive nature of Satan and wanted to add something substantive for you both to consider. So, here goes.

I agree that satan is real, elusive, and battling for our souls. So, I took the attached Spiritual Warfare course through Good Catholic.Com. It is excellent!!! Evil is real and surrounding us everyday. But, we are more powerful. This spiritual warfare course has made me better and more optimistic about the future.

The instructor, Chaplain Colonel Matthew Pawlikowski (RET), is a West Point grad, airborne ranger, then went to seminary after his five year commitment, and went back into the army. He’s a badass, a leader, and he’s on our side against evil.

I cannot recommend this course any stronger and hope you will consider taking it. If you have any questions, I’m at your service.

- Robert
(verified owner)

I have done a few Good Catholic Series. They are all very good, but in my opinion, Spiritual Warfare is the best. I was not very keen on doing it, because frankly it scared me, but something kept nagging me to do it. I am very glad I followed through. It turned out to be a very comforting, uplifting and empowering experience. You want to have Father Mathew as your guide. He will not lead you astray. I can’t recommend this program enough.

- Claudia
(verified owner)


Tremendous resource in the battle as Catholics against evil within and without.
A Must have series for all Faithful Christian Soldiers🙏🌹♥️✝️🙌🕊

- Jacki Guinn
(verified owner)

I am finding this series amazing and exactly what I need to reinforce my soul. I recommend this to anyone having problems or need a better understanding of how to create a good offense by bettering their defense.

- Shelly
(verified owner)

Spiritual Warfare

Very clear! Beautiful presentation and very necessary! Everyone should be reminded of these truths! Very, very helpful!

- rcfaith
(verified owner)


I know Father Matt , he has been our pastor several times . He is one of the best and clearest teachers I know . I am excited to join this exercise to remain constantly prepared to stand firm.

- Christine Merkel

Spiritual Warfarre Introduction

I know I need to soldier on toward virtue, I certainly need this; otherwise a slow lassitude disguised as “inner peace” and “contentment” brings on decline; then I hear the voices of criticism more loudly than the call for praise and hope; don’t you feel that as well?

- Gretchen Trupiano
(verified owner)