Understanding Confession


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“Whose Sins You Forgive Are Forgiven Them”

Confession is uncomfortable. It’s embarrassing. It’s a nerve-racking, guilt-ridden experience, and it never seems to get much easier. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Confession is supposed to be a place of peace and healing. And it can be! But only if you approach it with the right understanding.

Do You Know What Confession Really Is?

Most Catholics learn about confession when they’re little children, but they don’t learn much after that. This leaves questions about the sacrament that have never been answered. And maybe that’s why confession is still so uncomfortable, even after decades of going. 

We’re here to help.

We’ve put together a straight-to-the-point mini-series covering your most common questions and confusions regarding confession. 

In 6 simple sessions, this series will give you confidence, peace of mind, and new zeal for a sacrament wherein—Jesus told Faustina—“the greatest miracles take place.” 

You will discover:

  • Tips on how to overcome fear and shame (Session 5)
  • The three things you need for a good (and valid!) confession (Session 3)
  • Clarity on what actually constitutes mortal sin (Session 4)
  • Who the seal of confession really benefits (Session 6)  
  • …and much more!

Join us, and Fr. Ken Geraci, as we unlock this incredible sacrament so you can have peace and forgiveness in your life.

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Must read!!

I hadn’t been to confession in many years and while I knew I should go, I dreaded the thought of it. After completing “Understanding Confession” my fear and shame disappeared and I could hardly wait to get there. I went to confession yesterday before mass and feel so grateful to God for his mercy and reconciliation. I feel closer to Jesus than ever and with His grace will go to confession regularly. It was so uplifting to know that God has forgiven me! I recommend this program to anyone who has been putting off confession!

- Jan Snider
(verified owner)