Overcoming Deadly Sin


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Fight Sin. Foster Virtue.

Every one of us must fight against sin, or risk losing our souls. If we hope to overcome the deadly sins, we need to know what they are and how they work in our lives. Click the video for an exclusive Sneak Peek.

Equip yourself to conquer the sins that sneakily threaten your relationship with God.

Rooting Out Deadly Sin

Sin is sneaky. It thrives when we ignore it—or when we think we don’t struggle with it. And while we might know about the “Seven Deadly Sins,” that only scratches the surface of understanding deadly sin in our lives. Every person must resist every sin, even if we think we don’t struggle with sloth, or gluttony, or pride.

In this series, we’ll learn how to pursue a life of virtue by learning:

  • Why there are more than seven Deadly Sins (Session 1)
  • That sloth isn’t actually about being lazy (Sessions 10 and 11)
  • Why lust is the “least” of the deadly sins, but still has drastic consequences (Session 14)
  • The many hidden ways that deadly sin can pop up in our lives (Session 16)
  • How the virtue of justice and a well-formed conscience can help us grow in every virtue (Session 26)
  • …and much more

Take the journey with us and with Fr. John Eckert. The deadly sins threaten each one of us, but through Christ and with the guidance of His Church, we can walk the path of righteousness and become more like His saints.

Flexible Series Format

Overcoming Deadly Sin will evaluate each of the deadly sins in turn. If you want to learn how to better combat that particular sin in your life, you can move on to the opposing virtue and begin breaking your sinful habits. Or you can move on to the next deadly sin and come back to the virtues later. You can get what you need right away, so that you can fight the good fight without waiting around.

We’ll also include in-depth examinations to help you diagnose the sins in your life. You might be surprised at the ways the deadly sins can lurk in your life.

Are You Ready?

Join us for Overcoming Deadly Sin, learn to identify the deadly sin in your life, and cooperate with grace to stamp it out.

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The series truly exceeded my expectations. Peter Gohn’s compelling messages, which had to be God-inspired, held me in anticipation for more. The narrative, spoken by the esteemed Fr. John Eckert, was strong but gentle at the same time. I am printing the series because it is so complete. Thank you.

- Patricia Mead
(verified owner)