The Four Last Things: Journey of a Soul

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Are You Ready for Eternity?

Do you ever think about life after death? What will it be like? Will the things you did in this life follow you into eternity? What are the souls of your departed loved ones experiencing right now? Far from being morbid, reflecting on what will happen to our souls at the moment of our death is not only fascinating, it also does us much good. When we contemplate the life that awaits us, it will help us to increase our faith, our hope, our love for God, and our desire to be with Him forever. It is a means by which we can learn more about our Savior and marvel at the greatness of how He has redeemed our fallen world. All of this is encapsulated in the Church’s teaching on The Four Last Things.

What Are The Four Last Things?

Every human soul will experience the same thing at the end of their earthly life: the soul will be separated from the body and immediately face the justice of God. After we give Him an account of our lives, the soul will receive one of two destinies: either blissful union with God forever, or painful separation from Him forever. The Church calls this The Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell.

Many people have mistaken ideas about life after death, and believing what is false can put our souls in danger. In fact, there is no other subject that is more important to learn the truth about. And there is no other authority to which we can turn to tell us the truth about our eternal life than the visible Church founded by God Himself, Jesus Christ.

The Catholic Church teaches us everything we need to know about the meaning of life, what happens to us when we die, and what we will experience in eternity. There’s no subject more fascinating to learn about. Reflecting on these amazing truths will allow us to live in the light of God’s truth about who we are and where we’re heading.

Why Join This Series?

The Four Last Things: Journey of a Soul is a 40-day journey through the Church’s teachings on The Four Last Things. In this series you will learn how God has created the world and the human soul, the journey of the soul as it transitions from this world to the next, and the final destiny that awaits the good and the bad. Through the detailed explanations in this series you will begin to see life as God sees it, and gain a better understanding of the great importance of your every thought, word, and deed.

What will your eternal destiny be? God leaves the choice up to you. There is no better time than now to prepare your soul for eternity by studying the awesome truth that God has revealed to us through His Church.

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Excellent! Have read it twice.

- Debbie Gorski
(verified owner)

This has been an awesome series so far and I am getting so much out of it. I already know I will have to revisit the content again and again to continue to delve deeper and deeper into the meanings. I applaud the Catholic Company for taking the time to develop these series.

- Karen T.

This series has really enhanced my season of Lent and brought me much grace through prayer and study.

- Chuck D.

I am forever grateful to Good Catholic and all of you for being a part of this Lenten series. My beloved father passed away this Lent and although I am grieving, I am also comforted that he is at peace and he has no more pain and hardships. I am also at peace and has accepted his passing because of all the things I’ve read and meditated upon in this series.

- Maria L.

I am so thankful for this series. Really felt that I did something for Lent, learned so much about my faith.

- Catherine S.

I feel like Dorothy who just realized she has had the ability to go home with those ruby red slippers for her entire journey, but she did not know it. I’ve had 30+ years to go experience the Triduum at my church beginning tonight and into tomorrow culminating with the vigil mass on Saturday night. I’ve never done it. But with Whitney’s prompting, and after having experienced the profound lessons in The four last things journey of the soul series with all of you, I just have to go. Typically I’m busy worried about getting the kids things for their Easter baskets or what are we going to eat on Easter Sunday, but none of that really matters. I truly am going to have new clothes on on Sunday and not just symbolically, but my soul is truly clothed in new armor, new faith, new hope.

- Coleen H.

This series has been so very special and will be an added resource to re read this year.

- Marie B.

A thought provoking daily lesson has strengthened my resolve to be a better Catholic. Thank you Good Catholic for your hard work to provide basic the tenants of our faith as well as the more complex elements that stand as the foundation for more learning and more understanding. Like many others, I look forward to the next series and plan to back up and enjoy the two I have missed.

- Cheryll E.