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Who is the Holy Spirit?

For most of us, the Holy Spirit—the Third Person of the Holy Trinity—is the hardest to understand. He seems abstract, elusive, unknowable.

But He wants us to know Him. He is our Advocate. In fact, He has given each baptized Christian seven distinct gifts to help us know Him and permit His divine operation in our life.

These gifts are far more than a list we all had to memorize in Confirmation class.

They are the “breath of God,” designed to fill your soul, guide your actions, and draw you closer and closer to Him.

It’s time to understand the immense power of the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spiritand learn how to pray for them with a brand-new devotion: the Chaplet of the Seven Gifts.

With this series, you will receive a beautiful, handmade chaplet to pray during the sessions.

Set Sail with the Holy Spirit

“…by virtue of the gifts of the Holy Spirit we raise our sails and are born on as by a divine breath—with divine power we reach our destination.”
St. John of St. Thomas

Are you ready to hoist your sails? You’ll learn how in our 8-part series, hosted by Fr. Matthew Buettner, spiritual director of St. Joseph College Seminary in Charlotte, NC, and creator of the brand-new, ecclesiastically-approved devotion: the Chaplet of the Seven Gifts. When you purchase this series bundle, you will receive a beautiful, handcrafted, jasper-bead Chaplet, designed and created at the Catholic Company in cooperation with Fr. Buettner.

In this 8-day series, you will learn:

  • What each of the Gifts are and what they do
  • How they open us up to the full operation of God in our lives
  • The amazing difference between “gifts” and “virtues”
  • How the Gifts manifested themselves in the early Church and the lives of the saints
  • How to pray for the Gifts with the new Chaplet of the Seven Gifts

Each day, you’ll receive a 15-17 minute video lesson with Fr. Buettner. An audio segment at the end of each lessonin which Fr. Buettner will lead you through the Chaplet of the Seven Giftswill give you a chance to pray for the Gifts you are learning about!

Unlock the priceless treasures that the Holy Spirit has already placed in your soul. Take hold of the Seven Gifts and let the breath of God lead you to sanctityand to heaven.

When you purchase this series bundle, you’re getting the chaplet at over 25% off the full price! If you’d like to buy just the series, click here.

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Should be a part of every Catholic's instruction in the faith.

This series is so rich, you will never run out of things to ponder.

- Karen Cooper
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