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The Home: Where We Live Our Faith

We often turn off our faith when we exit church on Sunday. And yet, it’s those other six days of the week that really challenge us to grow in faith. We’re called to live out our faith each and every day—and that starts at home.

How we live at home IS how we live. It’s how we witness to the world around us. If we aren’t living our faith at home, how can we be truly integrated Catholics?

How to Make Christ the Center of Your Home

The home is where many of us first come to know God. The home is where we grow in virtue. The home is where we live out our vocation. That’s why it’s so important to make our homes a vibrant place for growing closer to God.

Whether married, single, or an empty-nester, we all need to make our homes domestic churches.

This 21-day series helps you grow in holiness through habits and practices that you can implement in everyday life to make your home Christ-centered.

Fr. Joseph Matlak, along with our writers, will offer actionable advice on living a life of daily worship, such as:

  • Growing closer as a family through regular family prayer (Day 2)
  • How you can—and should—live a liturgical life without leaving your home (Day 6)
  • Why you need a home altar…and how to incorporate it into your daily routine (Day 11)
  • How to transform chores from a necessary burden into a source of family unity and spiritual growth (Day 14)
  • How forgiveness is crucial to cultivating strong relationships with your family, friends, and God (Day 20)

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The home is where we grow in holiness. Start building your domestic church today.

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I love Fr Malik. In this series he is more animated. That helps feel like he is enjoying this series, which helps me enjoy the series.

- Kristine E.

I wish I would have had this kind of guidance when we first got married over 45 years ago. …Thank you, Good Catholic for enlightening me and giving me more help in my prayer life, devotional, and my desire to never leave my beautiful Catholic Faith!

- Jackie D.

My wife and I are really enjoying The Catholic at Home study. I wasn’t certain at first if I would be able to strongly relate, but boy was I wrong!
I’m retired and my wife is still working, so I now find myself as that “Catholic at Home”.
I’m now happily doing all the household chores that for years were done by a Maid service every two weeks. Our schedules required us to work six days a week and literally had no time or energy to even think of doing housework.
Day 14 really hit home with me. It allowed me to see how even the most mundane labour can become an offering to God. I’ve had time to construct a Home Altar following instructions from Day 11, how to put to better use the Sacramentals from Day 12, and how to live the Liturgy throughout the year…just to name a few.
Thank-you Good Catholic!

- James D.

Just completed Catholic At Home and enjoyed it immensely. Father Matlak does a great job guiding and providing steps to incorporate an environment at home that is Christ centered. Thank you Good Catholic!

- Debbie G.

Catholic at Home just finished.
Loved the series.

- Monica R.

I just read Chores and Manual Labor. Wow! I needed this!
Great instruction today! Thank you, Good Catholic!

- Jackie D.

This is a very enlightening series and Father Matlak is so Blessed in presenting his advice to us. ..Thank you for another wonderful experience. Father Matlik for the explanation each day we have been so Blessed by them.

- Linda I.

I just read the first day’s lesson on Family. Wow! I am so thankful for Good Catholic! Lots to learn. Lots to fix in my own home. One step, one day at a time.

- Jackie D.