Lourdes: The True Story


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The Message of Lourdes

In the winter of 1858, a frail, illiterate peasant girl saw a radiant woman in a rocky alcove outside the village of Lourdes in France.

She didn’t know it then, but the heavenly visions in that little grotto would soon reverberate around the globe.

Within days of the first apparition, a miraculous spring burst forth. Healings abounded.

Within weeks, tens of thousands of onlookers descended upon this sleepy mountain hamlet. Millions more would follow.

What Really Happened?

You’ve heard of the apparitions. But did you know there’s more to the story?

Why did Our Lady come? What did she really say to Bernadette? What did she ask Bernadette to do? And what does all of it mean for you?

Most Catholics think they know about Lourdes, but what they’ve heard is a mere summary of events—and it misses out on crucial parts of the story.

Get the whole story.

Hear Our Lady’s words.

Bring the grace and power of Lourdes into your home.

In these 13 Sessions, you will:

  • Discover the “true name” by which Our Lady identified herself (Sessions 7-8)
  • Walk with St. Bernadette through the drama of each and every apparition (Sessions 5-6)
  • Hear about the incredible (and proven!) miracles that have taken place at Lourdes (Session 12)
  • Learn what Lourdes means for you (Session 13)
  • And much more!

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This is PERFECT for what I want to do: an After-School Mary Club…!

- Anita Buonincontro

Lourdes: The True Story

Our family thoroughly enjoyed this series so much that we did more than one lesson a day. Excellent talks by Father Eckert.

- Amy McAulay
(verified owner)