March: St. Joseph


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Who Is the Most Powerful Saint in Heaven?

They call him the Terror of Demons.

He’s the most powerful saint in heaven after Our Lady. The Church reveres him as the man closest to Christ.

He’s St. Joseph, and devotion to him will change your life.

In this month’s edition of A Year of Devotions, Fr. Kirby will introduce you to St. Joseph, the mightiest—yet perhaps the most unknown—of saints. You’ll learn how he was foreshadowed in the Old Testament, what we know about him from the Gospels (it’s a lot more than you think!), and how we can cultivate devotion to him in our own lives.

What Is A Year of Devotions with Fr. Kirby?

Throughout the year, the Church offers us not only her glorious feast days, but entire months of devotion built around those feasts.

By means of these devotions, she nourishes and enriches our faith, pours out special graces upon our souls, and lifts our minds to the contemplation and love of the eternal truths of our Faith.

Here at Good Catholic, we want to bring you the monthly devotions of the Church in all their beauty and splendor. So we partnered with Fr. Jeffrey Kirby—host of our beloved Morning Offering podcast—to bring you a monthly miniseries introducing you to each and every one of these devotions.

How Does A Year of Devotions Work?

Throughout 2024, we’ll be releasing one miniseries a month focused on that month’s devotion. Each miniseries will consist of five 10-15 minute videos from Fr. Kirby.

We won’t be sending you reminder emails as with our other series—you’ll have access to all five videos at once and you can go at your own pace. Watch a video a day, a video a week, or just go ahead and binge watch them all at once!

One thing to note is that you must subscribe to each month individually. We’ll have the current month’s miniseries listed at the top of our Series page and other months listed at the bottom. Check out the full calendar of topics below!

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A wonderful insight on St. Joseph

I loved the St. Joseph series. Father Jirby has always been a very special and blessed spiritual director and his love and inspiring insight to this incredible, modest and righteous guardian on the child Jesus was such a gift. Thank you!

- Pat Thomson
(verified owner)