The Prodigal Son


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A Parable for Sinners and Saints?

Do you have a child, sibling, or friend who has wandered from the Faith? Are they leading a life of sin that harms them and breaks your heart?

You’re most likely familiar with Jesus’ famous parable—and can easily see how it applies to the prodigal sons you know.

But did you know that this parable has profound lessons for all of us—not just the fallen-away Catholics or the big sinners?

Have you discovered the treasures hidden in this passage—treasures that are meant for you?

A deeper understanding of this parable will do more than renew your relationship with the Father—it will transform it.

Experience the Mercy of the Father

Whether you’re a prodigal son, an elder sibling, a worried parent, or just an everyday Catholic who is overly familiar with this parable—riches of meaning await you in its sacred text.

In this 7-day mini-series, you’ll learn:

  • How the return of the prodigal son mirrors our experience in Confession
    (Session 3)
  • How to figure out if you are a prodigal son (It’s not always as obvious as we think!)
    (Session 4)
  • The difference between having compassion on a sinner and enabling the sin
    (Session 5)
  • What the father in the parable teaches us about God our merciful Father
    (Session 5)
  • Practical tips for re-integrating prodigals sons into the family
    (Session 6)

…and much more!

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The Prodigal Son

This was something I was looking for. The explanation and meaning of this parable were awesome. For the first time in my life, I REALLY understand this story. And it is a great story about FAITH and DEVOTION to God. Thank you Fr. Geraci. Excellent video!

- Stella Lopez
(verified owner)