Mary Undoer of Knots


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Feeling Anxious? Mary Can Solve Your Problems

This powerful Marian devotion has been introduced into our hurting world just when we need it the most.

It is all about entrusting Mary with the “knots” in our lives: the problems, conflicts, and pain that we endure within our souls, in our relationships, or in our daily trials which are difficult to bear and feel insurmountable.

Instead of struggling alone, Mary wants us to hand these knots over to her so that she can begin to untangle them. There is no knot she can’t unravel.

You Are Not Alone!

It is in times like these that Our Lady wants you to hand over the “knots” of your life so that she can untangle them with her own capable hands.

Unemployment, anxiety, spiritual hunger…there’s no knot she can’t unravel.

Over 400 years ago, Mary’s intercession healed a troubled marriage, and inspired the devotion to Mary Undoer of Knots. Since then, millions of Catholics have offered her their problems, suffering, and hardships…and she has untangled them.

She’ll do it for you, too!

Discover the power of this devotion and Our Lady’s God-given ability to smooth out the knots in your life. You can do it right from home through our acclaimed, life-changing series.

Give Your Fears Over to Mary

This beautiful three-week series tells the true story of Mary, Undoer of Knots. It shows you how to surrender your problems to the Blessed Mother and how to make this devotion an effective reality in your daily life.

With Mary Undoer of Knots you will get:

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Times are tough, but there is no knot that Mary can’t undo…even this one.

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Excellent series that came to me at a perfect time. Very well done, clear, interesting and easy to understand. Just beautiful!

- Anonymous

I thought this was a wonderful series. I could follow it any time of the day, whenever it fit into my schedule. It brought joy to my heart.

- Anonymous

This priest in the video was perfect. Very relatable and the video clips were a perfect companion to the printed material. Also enjoyed praying the rosary with the recording. Nice that you had video transcripts available too. Thank you to all who were inspired to put this together. I’m buying it for many family members for Christmas.

- Anonymous

This series was very informative and enjoyable. I enjoyed the readings, videos and rosary meditations. I did my readings and rosary after dinner and I slept better than I have in a very long time. Thank you for bringing me some peace during a very difficult time.

- Anonymous

It was wonderful! Fr. Miller was compelling and explained clearly the day’s theme.

- Anonymous

Excellent series…..I plan on repeating the series in its entirety, but I have to pick a time of day that has less interruptions and I can peacefully go through this series….there is so much that this series touches on and is very helpful to me. Thank-you very much for the hard work that was put into this and also for making it a pleasant experience and understandable on many levels.

- Anonymous

Father Miller is outstanding. His explanations were so valuable. He has the perfect demeanor. He is very calm, reassuring, and speaks in easy to understand language. This was especially helpful when the topic was ??unsettling? or difficult to grasp.

- Anonymous

It was overwhelmingly wonderful. I particularly found Fr. Miller’s talks inspiring and very thought provoking. The whole series has changed my spiritual life.

- Anonymous

This series has helped me learn more about the Blessed Mother and trust. I have discovered knots in my life that I will continue praying to Mother Mary for help. She definitely answered some of my prayers.

- Anonymous

The most valuable was Father’s teaching and the novena itself. He was succinct, brief, and informative. His comments nicely summarized the theme.

- Anonymous

It was vary well written, with much material to digest. I liked the format because there was some variety with the text which was lot to take in and Father’s video which was shorter, visual and easy to take in. Thanks. Very well done and inspiring.

- Anonymous

This was a devotion that I, as a “traditional” Catholic had no knowledge of. It helped me to develop a new devotion to Our Lady that fit perfectly into the situation of my family in my life as a Catholic. I thought my situation happened only to other people and now I find myself praying continuously to Our Lady Undoer of Knots to help me to figure out how to proceed in a broken home and find where and how God wants me to proceed in my life. I feel more confident after the series that God knows my situation and will definitely see me through it. How, I am still not sure, but my confidence has been restored.

- Anonymous