Mary Undoer of Knots


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Feeling Anxious? Mary Can Solve Your Problems

This powerful Marian devotion has been introduced into our hurting world just when we need it the most.

It is all about entrusting Mary with the “knots” in our lives: the problems, conflicts, and pain that we endure within our souls, in our relationships, or in our daily trials which are difficult to bear and feel insurmountable.

Instead of struggling alone, Mary wants us to hand these knots over to her so that she can begin to untangle them. There is no knot she can’t unravel.

You Are Not Alone!

It is in times like these that Our Lady wants you to hand over the “knots” of your life so that she can untangle them with her own capable hands.

Unemployment, anxiety, spiritual hunger…there’s no knot she can’t unravel.

Over 400 years ago, Mary’s intercession healed a troubled marriage, and inspired the devotion to Mary Undoer of Knots. Since then, millions of Catholics have offered her their problems, suffering, and hardships…and she has untangled them.

She’ll do it for you, too!

Discover the power of this devotion and Our Lady’s God-given ability to smooth out the knots in your life. You can do it right from home through our acclaimed, life-changing series.

Give Your Fears Over to Mary

This beautiful three-week series tells the true story of Mary, Undoer of Knots. It shows you how to surrender your problems to the Blessed Mother and how to make this devotion an effective reality in your daily life.

With Mary Undoer of Knots you will get:

  • Powerful spiritual comfort 
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Times are tough, but there is no knot that Mary can’t undo…even this one.

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The Mary Undoer of Knots series was a great devotional to offer at this time and a real blessing. I look forward to completing and repeating it throughout the year! Thank you!

- Anonymous

I really loved this series, Mary is becoming important as I’m just beginning a true Faith life

- Anonymous

I just loved it…thank you so much for creating such a well done, informative, and inspirational series…a spiritual game changer!

- Anonymous

I was aware of the prayer and story but was very pleased with the deep meaning and course presented in the series. I liked the way it flowed effortlessly from each topic and felt my faith and trust in Jesus and Mary grow. I will definitely spread the word! Thank you.

- Anonymous

Loved the discussion of the spiritual disciplines and daily meditation. Father’s videos were excellent as well.

- Anonymous

Most helpful in my spiritual growth and I appreciate the fact that I may repeat the series throughout the coming year. Father Miller is a wonderful spiritual leader, so insightful and sincere.

- Anonymous

Thank you for this series, I plan to make the 21 day journey with Mary every month.

- Anonymous

The course was excellent. I like the format: starting with an academic explanation followed by a personal sharing and ending with a summation with Fr. Miller. Mary Undoes of Knots was the primary focus for the course but add on’s like suffering and prayer were very insightful.

Thank you to all who worked hard to make this course possible.

- Anonymous

Excellent series with good reflections and topics that flowed well from one to the next. I plan to restart from the beginning immediately.

- Anonymous

It was beautiful, understandable and I can’t thank you enough!

- Anonymous

So glad you are doing these series. I live 30 minutes from my church which makes it hard to make a weekly bible study group. So I love that I can learn in my house on my own time. Thank you so very much!

- Anonymous

I loved the daily reflections by Father David Miller. He brought the whole lesson together. He is a winner!!!! Loved all the different components to the series too, and even used the recorded rosary a few times.

- Anonymous